Batman Bedding

One of the most beloved characters for kids of all ages is Batman so a Batman bedding makes for one of the best gifts to enlighten the day and darken the room of any child. In fact because Batman is the character that has taken a dark, scary symbol and has been able to turn it in to one that stands for light and justice, he is the best choice to help little children get over the scary nightmares and phantoms of the imagination that they sometime encounter. That would be, of course, a little bit of symbolic interpretation of Batman but the simple bottom line is that kids love Batman more than any other character so it is only fitting that he receives an entire page on Batman Bedding.

And it is a good thing that we have decided to go for the entire page because there actually isn’t a complete Batman bedding out there. So what you will need to do is to actually take a look at all the items and chose which one goes better. Luckily the most important piece, the comforter is a single resource item, from Warner Brothers. There are, of course, other comforters on the market but the quality of the fabrics that go in to those are really so bad that they are not even worth mentioning here. However the Warner Brothers comforter is a high quality fabric made from 45% cotton and 55% polyester so it has a little bit of the advantages in both worlds. So you can start working up from this offer to create a complete batman crib bedding set.

And the next important component of a Batman bedding set are the shams and here you either have the option of ordering the ones that come in the set with the comforter or you could just go for a different model that will guarantee that you find a match for your kid’s image of the Dark Night. As a parent you might not know this but there are many iconic images for Batman from the 80s cartoon character to the iconic image created my Christian Bale. And the Batman shams from Store 51 are one of the most beautiful and modern creation because they are inspired from Christian Bale’s character. They have the same cotton, polyester mixture that you could find in the comforter and so you can machine wash both of them without any worry if you decide to blend them for the perfect batman bedding twin

Or you could go for the original Batman sheet from Warner Brothers but this one comes with the pillowcases so you will have to give up the Store 51 offer of risk having a double set of Batman pillowcases and only one bedding set for them. The advantage is of course that this way you would have the complete set and keep with the cartoon Batman theme but it might just be that you or your little one would prefer to have something reminiscing of the latest Batman who is quickly turning into the archetype to which all other Batman characters will be compared to.