Bananafish Natures Jungle 4 pc Organic Bedding Set

When my husband and I first found out that we were having a baby, I was too excited that I began writing down the things we needed to buy to prepare for out baby. I wanted organic baby bedding and similar stuff. If my husband had not asked me to slow down, I would have bought everything in just one shopping spree! Looking back, I now realize how lucky we were to have taken things one day at a time. We spent a lot of days going to baby stores and specialty shops because we wanted only the best for our princess.
Bananafish Natures Jungle Diaper Stacker by Banana Fish

In one of those trips, we met a young mother who introduced us to Bananafish, a manufacturer of bedding and décor for babies. She had been using their products since her first child. She now has three adorable children. Since this young mom was all praises for Bananafish, my husband and I decided to check out their website, which our new friend gladly provided us with.

The first thing that we learned about Bananafish is the fact that they have been in existence for more than 15 years. Then we found all sorts of cute stuff on their website! They have absolutely colorful and beautifully designed beddings and nursery accessories! My husband and I took a particular interest in the Bananafish Natures Jungle 4 pc Organic Bedding Set, so we decided to check it out.

The set includes a crib sheet and a quilt, just what we were looking for. The sheet and quilt has lively jungle animal prints on them. A lion, a monkey, a giraffe and an elephant all bring the beddings to life. Done in pastel colors, we were convinced that our baby will love the comfort offered by the Bananafish Natures Jungle 4 pc Organic Bedding Set, especially since it is made of really soft fabrics like plush, cotton, snow velvet and corduroy.

My husband and I ordered two sets so that when washing time came, we can substitute the spoiled one with basically the same set. You can purchase matching accessories for your Bananafish Natures Jungle 4 pc Organic Bedding Set, too. We did, and we totally adore our baby’s little corner now!Whether it is organic crib bedding or luxury nursery sheets you want, Bananafish is the right choice for you. They just know how to pamper babies!