Baby Girl Bedding

Selecting baby girl bedding is more interesting than baby boy bedding. Wondering why? It is just because you have a greater choice for the colors and patterns for baby girl bedding. You can make it as colorful as you want. This article gives certain tips to ease your selection of baby girl bedding.

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While selecting the baby girl bedding, the two major factors that are to be taken into consideration are the color of the bedding and the patterns. Let’s discuss each of these two factors. Colors that go well with baby girl bedding are pink and hues of pink. However, there is no restriction on the colors you can use. A mix of pink and browns makes a modern baby girl bedding. Recent trends are toward the use of hues of purple for baby girl bedding rather than pink. So, there is no limit to the colors you can use for baby girl bedding.

Coming to the patterns that can be used for baby girl bedding, you have a number of patterns. Some of the most popular patterns include the garden theme with floral patterns, butterfly patterns that are either used alone or mixed with paisley designs, bug patterns such as lady bugs and dragon flies and polka dots. If you wish to have colorful baby girl bedding then it is recommended to use floral patterns with colorful large flowers. You can even include butterflies and lady bugs on it. But, if you love to use single colors then use shades of the same color to give a vivid look to the baby girl bedding. One such idea is to use bright purple colored dragon flies or butterfly pictures over a light purple colored fabric. Give a bright look to the baby girl bedding by using bright purple colored fabric for the edging. Thus, put your brains to work and think of wonderful ideas for baby girl bedding.