Baby Bedding Sets

There are no more important linens you could buy than the baby bedding sets you will be using for your child’s first years of life. Not only are they the ones that you will remember the most but they are taking care of the most valuable person in your life. And because we understand that we would like to help you find the most beautiful and valuable products for your child’s first months of life. We have looked at almost all, if not all of the baby linens available on the market today and we have come up with this list that is comprised of the best baby bedding sets on the market today and we have highlighted for you their best and the worst features.


And to start you off we have prepared one of the cheapest baby bedding sets that still align to a measures of quality we would accept for our own children. It is created by the Bedtime Originals company and it comes in a low price. And this is an excellent price considering that for your money you will receive a complete 4 piece baby bedding set comprised of quilt, bumper, sheet and dust ruffle. Of course considering the price you probably are expecting the bad news and they are that this product is made entirely from polyester. There are those who do not have a problem with it but we think you need to know this before you make your choice. Except for that this is one of the ideal baby bedding sets considering that it is 100% washing machine safe and it is half the price of most of the other sets you will find.

However if you want to remedy the fabric problem we highlighted for you the next baby bedding sets are actually made from a combination of cotton and polyester. Sadly you won’t be able to find a bedding set that is made completely from cotton simply because they need to add it in the mixture to get the resulting fabric a little bit more elastic so that it will match the different versions of cribs. So the bedding we have featured to the right is the offer from Bananfish and it is a complete 4 pieces set. It is comprised of a comforter, fitted sheets and a bumper and a dust ruffle that are actually 100% cotton. And the best thing about these linens are that they are one of the few USA made baby bedding sets you could find and we think that is a very important fact to consider given the working conditions and lack of sanitary conditions in third world factories.

And to conclude we would like to take a look at one of the baby bedding sets that are positioned as the low priced of the first model and the medium priced of the Bananfish offer. We are talking about the 4 piece baby crib set from Trend Lab which is a combination of cotton in the twill prints and polyester on everything else. They have the same 4 classical pieces and apparently they are completely worth it’s price you will be paying for it, except that you need to know the bumpers are virtually unwashable, unless you plan to dry clean them. Still this is one of the most beautiful baby bedding sets you could get so it might just be worth the effort.