Autobots & Decepticons Transform – Into Sleep – With Transformers Bedding

Transformers Bedding

The Tramsformers movies sparked a slew of Transformer comforter and Transformer bed sheets and Power Rangers Bedding as well. Boys love cars and robots and these fit the bill. Every boy wants a Transformer bed set with Transformer sheets. This is every boys wish is to own a Transformer bedding set.

In 1984 the Autobots and the Decepticons appeared in an animated cartoon that sparked a passion in boys across the world. Years later the action packed movies were made that thrilled the old Transformer fans and drew new ones in. These guys are popular and every boy loves them.


They have even made Transformers 3 bedding so boys can snuggle up in their blankets. Boys who have seen this movie will want this.

Another Transformers bed set that your son will go crazy for is Hasbro Transformer 3 Armada Twin/Full Comforter, Multi. This blanket is blue with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. This blanket is 100% polyester microfiber for softness. This is a warm and soft transformers blanket that your son will love to snuggle up in.

Transformers Bedding Full

A Transformers bed set comes in many sizes and shapes with designs to please your child. They come in a Transformers bed in a bag, transformers duvet cover and transformers bedding twin for all boys. Also you can transform his room into an Autobot or Decepticon room that he will enjoy. There is an Optimus Prime bedding that transformers bed set. There are Autobots transformers bedding full with all your favorite Autobots on it. There is a Decepticon transformers bedding set for those boys that like the  cool jets they can turn into. These  Transformers comforter set brings back the action from the movie. Where Autobots and the Decepticons fight their endless war. One wants freedom for all living creatures while the other wants to enslave all. This is the big attraction of the cartoons and movies. What good is a nice and soft  transformers duvet set without some Transformer sheets. Does anyone want plain white sheets when they can have cool Looking transformers sheet set, They don’t. If your son is going on a  camping trip or sleep overs with his friends he doesn’t want a plain old sleeping blanket when he could have his own cool Transformers sleeping bag. With this bag he will gain the respect of all the guys. You know how it is, guys love to show off there things and boast about them.

Transformers Toddler Bed

Are you thinking of making your son’s room into a Transformers room. You can use decals all over his walls, lamps, rugs with Optimus Prime  or Megatron, posters and his very own Transformers toddler bedding. This is what boys love. They love all things that are machinery. Robots with big guns fighting evil is what triggers their imaginations . Boys love the Autobots and Decepticons as they love dinosaurs. They are big and powerful, Who wouldn’t wan tot ride in Optimus Prime’s cab as they fight against their enemies?  This bedding will make them happy as they use their imaginations and isn’t that what being a boy is about?