Asian Inspired Crib Bedding

If you love to decorate the nursery with a traditional Asian theme then the Asian inspired crib bedding is a perfect accessory to be included in the nursery. To design Asian inspired crib bedding you should be well aware of the Asian culture. Don’t worry here are some tips to ease your designing of Asian inspired crib bedding.

Rockingham Road Crib Skirt (Asian Poppies)

• Fire breathing dragons with pictures of large castles form a perfect design for Asian inspired crib bedding for your princess.
Asian inspired crib bedding with this theme looks colorful. If you wish to keep it simple then a combination of brown colored fabric with simple garden designs and a pink colored border is excellent bedding for baby girl.
•  A unique feature of Asian inspired crib bedding is use of gorgeous gold colored fabrics with floral designs.
• Interesting pictures that give a traditional look to the Asian inspired crib bedding are horse riders, unicorns, pictures of princess, wizards etc. To give a unique look to the bedding you can dress your baby as a princess and get a snap of it and print it on the fabric. Everyone will just stare at your princess picture over the bedding.
• If you wish to have a simple unique looking Asian inspired crib bedding appliqué pieces of fabric with floral designs over a plain fabric. To make it further interesting you can consider using dotted fabric.
• To make your Asian inspired crib bedding more interesting you can paint chameleon or pictures of flying dragons over the wall. Use wall paper borders and wall art with floral designs that mix well with the Asian inspired crib bedding.

To give an authentic look to your Asian inspired crib bedding, other accessories such as lamp shades, wall art, diaper bag, musical mobiles should be with similar theme.