Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket Customer Ratings Reviews

The right beddings and bedding accessories will guarantee you comfortable and comfy sleep, which is a must for everyone. Sleeping during cold seasons can be so hard, and as a result most people devise many mechanisms to keep their bodies warm. Some go for heaters while others opt to use double or even triple blankets to cover themselves up. This should not be the case for anyone, because in these day and age where technology is top notch, there have arisen many discoveries to keep you warm by a single switch the electric blankets. These amazing bedding accessories come to provide you much needed warmth that leads to a comfortable and enjoyable sleep. The following is a Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket review, and it will inspire you and enlighten you about this luxurious electronic blanket that gives you a soothing sleep and a brighter morning after.Sunbeam Microplush Throw Camelot Cuddler Heated Electric Warming Blanket with 3 Heat Settings Controller - Mushroom Beige

Enhanced features make any product renowned, and it is not any different for this blanket. Its features are:

Pre-heat Function getting to bed and finding cold sheets is a thing of the past. Thanks to this feature that allows you to warm them before bedtime, thus you will get into a warm bed with plenty of sleep awaiting you.


Tec Controller with Digital Display this blanket comes with a heat controller, which enables you make your desired temperature and heat settings. In addition, these settings are 10 in number, therefore you will have plenty of choices to select. The display is also elegant as it is a digital display system.

10 Heat Settings with your comfort in mind, this electronic blanket comes with 10 heat settings. These allow you to change heat and temperature settings depending on the weather and your likings.

10 Hour Auto-Off Function in case you wake up in a hurry, you will not have to worry about leaving the blanket on for the entire day. This function will automatically switch it off after 10 hours of being on.

100% Polyester Microplush due to its heat conductivity and absorption rate, polyester is used to manufacture this spectacular bedding accessory. Gentle warmth is guaranteed, and in addition a soft and cozy touch on your body is maintained.

Exclusive Wiring System good wiring means even heat distribution, and it also has the capability of sensing and adjusting heat throughout the blanket to offer you even and consistent warmth, which in turn gives you the highest peace of mind as you slumber.

Variety of Glamorous Designs style and fashion of this blanket is a notch higher than others, as it comes in Walnut, Ivy, Garnet, Lagoon, Mushroom and Seashell designs for you to choose from.

Numerous Size Ranges not all beds are the same size, and the manufacturers of this power-driven bedding accessory did not forget about this. As a result, they have provided many sizes for all their customers. The size ranges available are Twin, measuring 62 by 83, Full that measures 72 by 84, Queen that covers 84 by 90 and King Size, which measures 100 by 90.

Having digested all its features, various benefits do arise from using this electric blanket. They include:

Machine Washable washing and cleaning this blanket is eased by the fact that it can be washed in the Washing Machine, hence you wont worry about washing it with your bare hands while straining yourself. In addition, no shrinkage occurs after washing it as it appears as good as new.

Softer due to the Microplush Fiber to enhance your sleep, the Microplush fiber used soothes you as you invite sleep and curdle you during sleep time.

Maintains a constant temperature shifts in temperature can cause lack of sleep, and thus this blanket has its wiring system carefully made to distribute, sense and maintain a constant temperature during the whole night.

Customizable heat settings and saves energy the 10 heat settings allow you to set your own heat settings and this blanket also saves you energy bills as it cuts down energy consumption.

Caters for your design and size choices not only will you get to choose your own design, but you will also select the best size that best suits your bed.


Weight Size

8 x 11 x 13 inches
4.8 pounds
84 x 72 x 0.2 inches
5.3 pounds
90 x 84 x 0.2 inches
6.4 pounds
90 x 100 x 0.2 inches
8.5 pounds

Disadvantages reported about this electric blanket include:

Confusing Instruction Manual some people have about the language used in the instruction manual, which has a tendency of confusing them.

Wires can be felt on the fabric the wiring of this bedding accessory are not deep enough, thus can be felt on the surface and this distracts many users in their sleep.


After reading the Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket review above, you have all you need to know about this wonderful bedding accessory. Sleepless nights are a thing of the past with this electric blanket, and as you have noted you will have supreme comfort and a good night sleep in this cozy and soft bedding accessory.