Review Of Soft Heat Ultra Micro-Plush Low-Voltage Electric Heated Triple-Rib

A good next day is majorly determined by the quality and amount of sleep you get during the night. We all need to have the best sleep, and thus we need to acquire the best bedding to offer us maximum comfort as we sleep. Coziness during sleep guarantees quality and undisturbed sleep, and therefore the invention of electric blankets. Since their discoveries, many of them have been created to give you a better sleep and help avoid sleeplessness in all the people who make use of the electric blankets. The following Soft Heat Ultra Micro-Plush Low-Voltage Electric Heated Triple-Rib Blanket review will outline to you all the amazing features of this plushy blanket that is always a luxury to snuggle into.
This electric blanket is made of very advanced and top technology features, which are:

Soft Micro-Plush Fabric comfort during your sleep is made a reality, thanks to the soft fabric used in its design. In addition to this, it is also machine washable due to it being washing machine friendly.Soft Heat Ultra Micro-Plush Low-Voltage Electric Heated Triple-Rib King Size Blanket, Natural

Decorative Triple-Rib Design this electric blanket is very beautiful, due to the Triple-Rib design used. As a result, all those who visit your room will be startled by this unique design.

Patented Safe and Warm Non-hazardous Low-Voltage Technology it is true that all electrical appliances make use of electricity, but the difference among them is the rate of consumption. Most of us will go for those that consume little amounts of energy, and this is the reason this bedding accessory is made from low-voltage technology. This gives it the capability of consuming low amounts of power, which in turn cuts down your energy costs at the end of the month.

10 Hour Auto-Off in addition to the low voltage, it shuts itself off after 10 hours. This averts the possibility of you leaving it on for the whole day when you forget it on.100% Polyester polyester has the tendency of absorbing and retaining heat very fast, and due to this reason is most recommended for most electric blankets. This one is also made from pure polyester, which makes it absorb and distribute the heat evenly and quickly.

2 Separate Divisions the blanket is divided into 2 separate partitions, which enhance usage of both people in the different regions. Everyone has their own lighted controls and heat controls, as a result everyone will adjust them according to their won liking and preferences.

Ultra-thin Internal Wires the wires used in this blanket are ultra-thin, thus you will remain cozy as you enjoy your good night sleep.

Pre-heat and Hold Feature no one deserves to have cold sheets awaiting them after a long hard day. This feature is in place to warm the sheets for you, to ensure that you get in to a warm bed full of peaceful and sweet sleep.

Numerous Color Designs with all the advanced features incorporated, this electric blanket caters for your unique color preferences. It is available in Natural, Sage, Blue, Garnet and Beige color designs, thus you can choose the best according to your own design choice.

Size Ranges all the available bed sizes are catered for, as it is available in Twin, Full, Queen and King Sizes. You do not have to buy a size that is bigger or smaller than your bed size.

The advantages of using this electric blanket include:

Adjustable Heat Settings this blanket is very cushy and soft, and it will keep you warm all night long. In addition to this fact, you can get to choose your own temperature settings so as to enjoy your sleep better.

Enough length of wires the external wires to the plugs are long enough thus no need to adjust the position of your bed just because of the blanket.

Many Sizes and Designs you are not restricted when it comes to design and size choices, as many are available for you to choose from.

Power Saver the low voltage technology used in its making make it a power saver, hence provides you enough warmth at lower energy costs.

Very convenient features like the 10-hour Auto-Off make this blanket very efficient and convenient. To make it better, the dual lighted controls in the King and Queen Size electric blanket enable both people enjoy their sleep better.

Machine Washable the soft fabric used is machine washable, thus easy to clean and maintain.


Weight Size

84 x 62 inches 6pounds
84 x 77 inches 6.7pounds
90 x 84 inches 8.3pounds
90 x 100 inches 10.4pounds


The cons of this product are:

Sometimes the Wires come out in some cases, the internal wires come out and start burning the blanket, and this can lead to fires.


The Soft Heat Ultra Micro-Plush Low-Voltage Electric Heated Triple-Rip Blanket review above has enriched your knowledge about this wonderful bedding accessory. If you are in need of longer and high-quality sleep in cold weather, this electric blanket is the best for you as it keep you warm throughout the night.