How To Use Electric Blanket Safety ?

Every product in the market has their own safety precautions, and it is vital to understand them first in order to get the best service from them. Electric powered equipment and products need to be handled with utmost care, due to the harm electricity can cause. Electric faults or erratic parts can be very disastrous, and due to this safety mechanisms must be in place to avert these situations. Electric blankets too, need to follow some rules and regulations. In a nutshell, all of them need to conform to the Underwriters Laboratories rules, which is a safety organization that tests these bedding accessories and by this determine the electric blanket safety.Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Heated Queen Size Blanket, Natural

The following are safety precautions and practices to be followed when using an electric blanket:

Do not Use heated bedding with infants and small children in addition to children dont use them around people with inabilities or those who cannot handle the controls well. Those who are sensitive to heat are advised not to use them.

Perform regular checks and inspections of the blanket signs of wear and damage ought to be checked regularly. In case you find any flaws, visit your vendor or manufacturer and enquire more about the flaw. Where applicable ask for a refund or replacement.

Check Washing Instructions in order to avoid wearing off your electric blanket quickly, check for the manufacturers recommendations and follow them to the latter.
Never pinch any part of the power cord or wires avoid using them on sofas or murphy beds, or any other place where they can get pinched easily.

Do not use the heated blanket alongside a heated mattress pad due to the amount of heat produced by both of these, overheating could occur and if in excess, a fire could erupt.

Always maintain a flat position of the electric blanket the heated area of the blanket should remain flat at all times. This is to avoid the heat accumulating at one central region where it will lack an area to escape from.

Turn it off when not in Use this will help majorly in saving your monthly energy costs. In addition, it will reduce incidences of electric faults or accidental fires.

Use the bedding accessory for the purpose which it is meant to follow the manufacturers guide on how to use the electric blanket. For example if it was meant to be used as over-blankets, use it that way and not as under-blankets. Do not allow pets on or near your warming bed this is because they have claws, and if the claws are sharp enough, they can pierce the bedding and puncture them, thereby damaging the overall wiring of the bedding accessory.

Do not use them on a waterbed as you know, water and electricity do not go along, and using your electric blanket on a waterbed may be disastrous due to shocks and even fires.


Most of the safety precautions are common sense, but you still have to uphold them in order to gain maximum satisfaction and service from these bedding accessories. Electric blanket safety is very important, and following them will ensure you never go wrong with your bedding accessory.