How To Put On A Queen Duvet Cover?

When it comes to putting on a queen duvet cover, it can be a real chore. But, if you know what to do, it doesnt have to be too hard.

Here are the steps that you need to take to put a queen duvet cover on correctly and not get too tangled up:Cotton Sateen Queen Duvet-Cover-Set White - Premium Quality Combed Cotton Long Staple Fiber - Breathable, Cozy & Comfortable - Hotel Quality Exceptionally Durable - By Utopia Bedding (Queen, White)

1. Lay the queen duvet cover flat on your bed. Then, turn it inside out and lay it on top of the duvet. If there are any fastenings on your queen duvet cover, make sure that they are undone.

2. Then, find the seams of the queen duvet cover and straighten them against the duvet to make sure that the cover itself is flat. If the duvet cover gets twisted, you will have to start all over again.

3. Now, put your arms inside the queen duvet cover and follow the seams until you have a hold of the corners.

4. Use the corners of the queen duvet cover, hold the corners of your duvet and then shake the cover down onto the duvet. If you have a hard time, stand on top of the bed or to this over a balcony railing. Make sure that you hold the corners very tightly!

5. Once you get the main part of the queen duvet cover on, you may have to pull the last part of it over the bottom of the duvet and then tuck the corners in. Now you simply have to fasten the queen duvet cover onto the duvet and you are finished.

Everyone will find their own special tricks to add in to make sure that you get your queen duvet cover on correctly. Just take your time and slow down, otherwise, you can end up with your duvet tangled inside and redoing the entire process.