Dual Control Electric Blankets

Electric blankets are already somewhat romantic; after all, two people in a warm blanket are very, very warm. However, sometimes even the most loving couple can sometimes have a falling out because one wants it hot and the other wants it cold. Ergo, the dual control electric blanket.

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The dual control electric blanket has been wired so that the two halves of the electric blanket can have two separate temperatures. The one warning that applies to dual control electric blanket is that sometimes the blanket can do some weird things. As some electric blankets adapt to outside temperatures and the temperature of the person under the blanket, a somewhat interesting side effect that applies to dual control electric blankets is that the blanket can regulate temperatures for the wrong person. The easiest solution is that the blanket is upside-down, and is thus regulating the temperature for the wrong person. Bear that in mind or else there is a lot of potential for drama and mystery, especially if you take it back to the store.

Of course, thats when you find out that US regulations dont allow stores to sell pre-owned electric blankets, so some wont even exchange them once theyve left the packaging. The romance of the dual control electric blanket comes in bundling up to next to the person you love with a romantic comedy movie playing on the television and a tray full of smores in front of you both. Of course, you can substitute a be for the couch and eliminate the TV and snacks, but to each their own. With dual controls, you can be under the same blanket, in your very own comfort levels. Nothing says I love like you have your temperature, and I have mine!

Dual control electric blankets take care of a major marital issue: What temperature to set the electric blanket. Admittedly, this is more likely to occur in cold climes, but it can happen anywhere a couple has two separate ideas of what the perfect temperature is. By providing a solution to a reasonably common problem, dual control electric blankets can help marriages last and prolong dating. As temperature is one of those issues where there can be legitimate conflict, as temperature determines a lot (power use, sleeping times, etc.), anything that removes that conflict is a good thing, and nothing helps remove that conflict as a dual control electric blanket.

By allowing each part of the couple to choose their own temperatures, and to maintain that temperature, dual control electric blankets go a long way to resolving an interesting issue. Ergo, dual control electric blankets should be a mandatory wedding present. As the best wedding presents help solidify the marriage, than the dual control electric blanket is arguably one of the best possible present ever. And definitely something worth considering, at least