Best Electric Blankets

There are a number of fine electric blankets. All electric blankets do the same basic job: They use an electric current to warm a series of wires in a cloth blanket in order to heat the person underneath. However, once past those basics, there are a wide variety of blankets, making choosing the best electric blankets a difficult choice.

The Sunbeam electric blanket is definitely one of the best electric blankets. Although it may not be the warmest one while turned off, it does have a number of options, such having a remote control, adaptability to the person underneath, and variety of options that easily make it one of thee best electric blankets. Also, its lightness also puts it on the list; although a debatable quality (its lightness prevents it from being an effective blanket unpowered), it does allow it to be put under another blanket, making it effective for power conservation.Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Heated Queen Size Blanket, Natural

The Chattam and Wells heated blanket operates at a lower voltage than other blankets, which would put it on the list of best electric blankets for safety. However, the ability to store the controls during warm weather and the micro-fleece material definitely give it a place on the list of best electric blankets. Although there is a limited color selection, the options make it a quality blanket.

Most electric blankets are geared to the generic, available for everyone. Also, more electric blankets are able to be washed in the washer and dryer (some are just better at it than others). However, electric blankets geared towards kids are rare. Cosy Kids enters the best electric blankets with an electric blanket geared towards children, with a bright, illuminated dial and being actually water-resistant, making it excellent for spills and night-time accidents. Although definitely not for adults (not enough options, and with a rainbow theme), the Cosy Kids heated blankets is an interesting entry into the best electric blankets list.

Lands En produces an electric blanket that combines a number of different options with a wide variety of colors for its entry on the best electric blankets list. Combining the Sunbeams ability to adapt to its user, and easy-to-use heating system, as well having a waterproof power assembly, a micro-fleece material, and numerous colors, Lands End has a winning entry that can adapt to almost any situation, including decorating.

However, be advised that no matter which blanket you choose the one that you choose will be the best of electric blankets for you, chosen based on your prejudices and needs. Also, any electric blanket can be used to reduce power bills by allowing you to decrease heating throughout the house and concentrate it where it needs to be concentrated. Also, be advised that electric blankets require some care and handling to avoid fraying and thus creating a safety hazard. There is enough variety to make even the pickiest customer happy, so choosing a blanket for your needs is just a matter of preference. Thus, pick your blanket in full awareness that the one you pick is thee best electric blanket for you.