Steve Madden Juliet Bedding

With the Steve Madden Juliet bedding the old myth that you will need until you will have settled down, bought your own home and reached a high position in your career. Quite the opposite actually this is a very cheap bedding set, almost as cheap as the super market stuff, yet it is of the highest quality and design. It is after all associated with the Steve Madden signature so you know that it is of the highest importance to the company to present their customers a high quality product that will make a strong impression. So the Steve Madden Juliet bedding is by far the best high quality, designer linens that you can still afford while paying back those student loans.


So where are the cut backs that make the Steve Madden Juliet bedding so affordable? Well, there aren’t really any. Within that price you get the reversible comforter, 1 sham, 1 sheet set, a pillow case and 2 decorative pillows. And yes, they are all made from 100% cotton and they will look beautiful in any room. They are all machine washable, even the comforter and they come in a signature Steve Madden tote bag which would be very useful to keep around so that you will be able to keep your linens in pristine quality while on the move. And the great thing is that the Steve Madden Juliet bedding does not come alone but it was considered as part of a larger collection that you can use to upgrade your home to designer level.

So together with the Steve Madden Juliet bedding you could also get the Juliet 3 piece bathroom accessories set. You get a toothbrush holder, soap dish and lotion dispenser that match perfectly the bedding set. And because they are made from resin you get the double advantage of buying a green item and also one that even if by some accident breaks will shatter in big pieces only so it is safe for you too. Of course since you won’t be using only one set of sheets you would be wright to worry that this set might not go as well all by itself in the bathroom but in fact the model has been adapted so that it will match the colors and patterns of most bathroom appliances so you need not worry about the times you wouldn’t be using the Steve Madden Juliet bedding.

And of course we’ve saved the best for last and the last item that goes with the Steve Madden Juliet collection is the Juliet 3 piece towel set. They are all made from 100% high quality cotton and have the same advantage as everything in the set of being very cheap in spite of the fact that they are designer products. So with any of the Steve Madden Juliet bedding, bathroom accessories and towels you get the guarantee of a very high quality and great looking item and yet you will be paying just like you would for the most common set of sheets sold at your local store.