Steve Madden Alexa Bedding

Nowhere is the history of the Steve Madden Company more explicitly visible then in the Steve Madden Alexa bedding set which is made from T200 thread count, 100% cotton. It is a high quality weaving but not the highest you could find as it can go up to T800 with T400 being the common thread used for designer beddings. Still your average linens bought from the local super store will only go as far up as T50 so the quality of material is still there. But what makes the Steve Madden Alexa bedding stand out from the crowd is that it has a very beautiful turquoise print and it is very wisely designed.

Steve Madden Sydney Collection Full Bed in a Bag

What we mean by wisely designed is that the Steve Madden Alexa bedding are created from the best elastic thread cotton with an elastic going all around the bed. That means that it will fit all sort of bed sizes and because of the elastic band it will stand much better on the bed and not slip off during the night. Also in the same package you get a double sided comforter that can easily be washed in the washing machine. You also get a set of standard shams, 1 sheet set and 2 pillow cases. And although the prices are very low on the entire package the quality of the material and, more importantly, the beauty of the prints on the Steve Madden Alexa bedding are beyond reproach.

And as we’ve already said the Steve Madden Alexa bedding best express the philosophy that Steve Madden developed since almost 20 years ago when with less than $1000 started a shoe company that turned in to a multi-million dollar empire. And that philosophy stems from understanding the fact that young people enjoy wearing and being associated with the best models and most beautiful and alive colors. What has always set Steve Madden shoes apart was that you could look at them and instantly recognize the manufacturer. His designs are so unique and at the same time beautiful that they are instantly recognized on the street or in the bedroom. And you don’t need to cover yourself in satin like the inside of a coffin to enjoy a good night’s sleep which is more the result of a cool, crisp set of linens than anything else. And the Steve Madden Alexa bedding observes precisely that model of simple yet beautiful and comfortable items.

Of course by that you should understand that the craftsmanship that goes in to each Steve Madden Alexa bedding has to be of the highest quality because many times it is not about the thread count but about the quality of the cotton that goes in to that thread. And since Steve Madden acquisition of their own cotton manufactory company they can control the quality of their materials from the raw form that grows on the field to the very beautiful linens to cover your bed. So you can be sure that it is only because of this money saving acquisition that the Steve Madden Alexa bedding are so cheap and yet of such high quality.