Simply Vera Wang Bedding

The Simply Vera Wang bedding collection is the first collection that the famous wedding gowns designer has brought forth to the market. It is actually a natural evolution because when you are serving the needs of some of the richest and most valuable people on the planet you know that they will spare no expense to make the wedding day and night more perfect. Of course the linen collection has been designed to be accessible to even those of us who don’t make a 6 or 7 figure income but it is still made so as to meet the expectations of the finest of critics. So as you design your wedding remember that the wedding night is even more important than the party itself and it can be made to be a culmination of perfection with the Simply Vera Wang bedding collection.

Simply Vera Wang Dimensional 4-piece Comforter Set King

And because you will want a most luxurious setting for your bedroom the Simply Vera Wang bedding set collection plays on nuances of royal purple which is toned down by the light brown colors that dominate the pillow cases. And the T400 thread count of the 100% sateen cotton weaving is the guarantee of a most luxurious feeling as you slip between these sheets. Of course you will need to thing about getting the entire collection because the same respect toward individual choice that is characteristic of all great designers creates the need to allow you to pick out yourself the items that you need. You will be getting the comforter, the bed skirts and the sham but you will need to get separately the pillow covers and the sateen sheets. But the ultimate fact is that the complete Simply Vera Wang setcreates a presence of distinction and class in any bedroom and is the final touch if you are planning a most romantic evening.

However if you want to go all the way and have the complete set of luxury with the Simply Vera Wang bedding collection they you absolutely must get the mattress pad. It is the super soft touch and protection any mattress needs and its geometric pattern will accentuate the feeling of comfort one has in any of the Vera Wang designs. It is a thick mattress pad with 300 thread count and it is made from a combination of cotton, polyester and spandex. Don’t worry, though, because the parts that may come in contact with your skin while you simply are made of the purest cotton and the other materials are only used for their elastic or durable qualities. And the best thing about this mattress is that it is machine washable so that you can easily clean it for that deep feeling of freshness that comes from using the best and purest linens. So for a total immersion in the world or relaxation and elegance the Simply Vera Wang set collection, mattress included is the best choice to turn any special night in to the best and most beautiful experience you could have.

There are very few bed linens as luxurious as the Vera Wang bedding sets in term of both the quality of the fabric used but also the quality of the design. And the main reason for that is that Vera Wang is first and fore most a bridal gown designer. She initially worked with Ralph Lauren and then opened her own store with which she was successful because of the beautiful bridal gowns that she designed. So if for no other reason except for the fact she was a part of the world of high end fashion and she got her self to be recognized as an icon of the hyper competitive world of wedding gowns, you must agree that the Vera Wang bedding collection has to be one of extreme taste.

Or, if you would prefer to have a quicker overview of her best creations then read on as we will look at just a few of her designs. And the first thing you need to know is that you will never find a single product page with all the products in a particular set because in the world of high bedding fashion they are sold independently. But in order for you to get an idea of what the entire set might look like we are going to take a look at the duvet which is the most essential part of any Vera Wang bedding set.

And the first collection you need to look at is the Love Knots Vera Wang bedding which is inspired by the Vera Wang jewelry collection. And the equivalent of a jewel in the world of bedding is the sateen cotton which blends the luxurious, silky smooth effect of the sateen with the all natural fibers of cotton. The fabric alone sets the any Vera Wang bedding apart from the rest because it is very difficult and expensive to weave cotton at that degree of perfection. And just to add new levels of perfection the fabric is a rich T400 thread count that provide the most luxurious, rich sense to the Vera Wang bedding, the Love Knots collection.

Or, if you would prefer something in a more powerful color, the Bouquet Vera Want bedding works from subdued shades of purple to create an ambiance of regal comfort. The fabric used here is the same sateen cotton with a T400 thread count which makes for a very beautiful and luxurious and more importantly, very comfortable bedding set. The design is inspired by and is presented as a token to the essence of femininity and, in our opinion, it is also the most beautiful Vera Wang bedding.

However beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the French Paisley Vera Want bedding is an item of beauty that will capture the hearts of many. The inspiration, this time, came from the French fields of flowers although it would probably be safer to say that the old aristocratic sophistication is of Europe is the true inspiration for this rich and sophisticates floral pattern. And the fabric is the same sateen cotton, T400 thread count that we have come to expect in the Vera Wang bedding.

However there are many more Vera Want bedding sets and for a detailed exploration of those sets visit the site we have told you about that is entirely dedicated to the Vera Wang bedding.

The colorful bedroom may be the theme of youth but if you want class and elegance in your home then the Vera Wang bedding is truly the only way to go. And with Vera Wang class and classical go hand in hand with all her designs from the famous wedding gowns to the “Bouquet” range duvet the models manage to be as original as they are classical. The subdued colors create a warm effect of home and the 400 thread count double weaved cotton give the sheets and bedding the softest touch with just the slightest cool touch of pristine luxury bedding. And as is the case with all luxury items there aren’t many items in the Vera Wang bedding collection but they are enough for the most tasteful of bedrooms.

And just like any woman aware of her value who doesn’t need to force anything visual on those who look upon her, the 3 classical Vera Wang bedding collections although designed to be individual sets can be bought and are in fact sold separately. So, for example, the Bouquet collection with its layered charcoal and deep lilac tones is a very elegant collection, designed in remembrance of the most respected home builders in history, the Roman wives who actually developed the term in 200 BC. Even so not even the height of the Roman Empire has felt a craftsmanship as elegant as that created by the Vera Wand bedding.

Or if you prefer something more modern the Love Knots Vera Wang bedding which is inspired by her own jewelry collection, blends shades of radiant silver, gray and taupe. And here we have 400 thread count sateen which was once only to be found in the luxurious palace of the Chinese Emperor a mere thousand years ago. Now they have been redesigned in more modern yet classical bedding set by Vera Wang to represent one of the most luxurious sets that only the most tasteful buyers will appreciate. The set concept rests on the duvet with its flower pattern that can be found on the pillow cases too. And they are a must with the embroidered queen flat sheet. As you can see the Vera Wang bedding collection is not for those who go for the fast solution of the elastic sheet with everything that says about the class distinction between such buyers.

And for the romantic in you the French Paisley Vera Wang bedding is made from grey felt and silk yarn for the pillows and 400 thread count percale for the rest of the sheets. The model on the duvet and pillow cases is inspired by the French Dadaism with its whimsical embroidery. So if you want to bring some of that French decadence in to your bedroom or just want a feeling of freshness that goes with a new set of bedding then this is one of the best moments to get the Vera Wang bedding set.

From the royal lilac of the Bouquet Vera Wang bedding collection to the silver gray of the Love Knots you can find and bring to your home a taste of luxury very few other bedding sets can bring. And impressive part is that all 3 designs also play a lot with the fabric they are made of and so you can sample for one day the height of the Roman Empire and the next bask in the voluptuous luxury of Chinese silk. Whatever your choice of color you can always get just the pieces that your home really needs or better yet you can make your own combinations because all of the colors of the sets have in common their calm, elegant shades. So you enjoy all 3 Vera Wang bedding collections right now and enjoy them as they are or combine them in whatever way best suits your mood.

Just like her gowns the Vera Wang bedding collection features some of the most tasteful, beautiful and original linens made from the highest quality materials. And because Vera Wang’s experience has thought her that every person enjoys and comes to love those who respect their individuality, the linen collection has been designed to be loved by every taste. So from the colorful Simply Vera collection to the Oasis line with its restful gray, white shades there is a design and a set specifically created for every taste. The only thing is that only those with the best of taste will be able to appreciate the Vera Wang bedding collection.

To start with for those still young at heart the Simply Vera Vera Wang bedding collection works from tones of purple and yellow intertwined in sharp bold lines to create a feeling of vibrant freedom from the norm. The rich, warm hues create a sensation of welcomed relaxation in the highly toxic, commercial bombarded world of the young executives or artists who will fall in love with this set of linens, comforters, and pillow covers from the first glance. They are made from 100 per cent cotton with a T400 sateen weave so there is nothing more relaxing then slipping underneath this cool, crisp covers at night. And the beauty of the complete Simply Vera Vera Wang bedding collection is that it is so rich in colors and design that I can completely change the atmosphere of a room giving an air of class and distinction.

However if you are looking to create the most complete sensation of relaxation in your bedroom then the Oasis Vera Wang bedding collection is the best choice for you. As you can guess from the name alone, it has been designed to create an oasis of pace and comfort in a world that is drowned in sharp tones, strong colors and force the eyes and fight each other for the viewer’s attention. So the subdued lines and colors of the Oasis collection create a feeling of relaxation. But do not mistake the simplicity of a Zen garden with the unsophistication of a child’s play. The rich design of the comforter and that of the pillow set is created by an elaborated process of hand stitching so that the front of the cover looks as perfect as it does. However for a complete immersion in this oasis of relaxation you should thing about getting the entire set because it does not come pre-assembled and you will need to individually pick up the sheets and the pillow covers. But since they are all under the Oasis Vera Wang bedding collection they should be easy to find.

And one of the best Vera Wang bedding collection is the royal purple design of the Bouquet collection. It is made from the highest quality T400 sateen cotton so you are sure to enjoy the absolute best quality in comfort and style. And just to realize the quality of craftsmanship that went into this collection know that no prints were used but instead all models are created by 3 distinct levels of embroidery and dots. It is, of course something that you would expect from the Vera Wang bedding collection and it is worth mentioning here just to reassure you of its quality.