Regatta 7pc Comforter Set

Having colors like chocolate brown, blue and tan while having multiple and coordinating stripe colors, the Regatta 7pc Comforter Set will give your room a contemporary modern look that will wow every friend and visitor who sees it in your bedroom. Made of 90 percent polyester and 10 percent cotton, the pieces within the Regatta 7pc Comforter Set is very light and comfortable to sleep with.


So what’s included in the package? Check this out – with the Regatta 7pc Comforter Set you will get a California King sized comforter that measures a whopping 105 inches by 90 inches, 2 pieces of shams both having a measurement of 21 inches (length) by 37 inches (width), a neckroll (7 inches by 17 inches), a cushion that measures 18 by 18 inches, and an oblong cushion (12 inches by 16 inches). For the price of the Regatta 7pc Comforter Set, having 7 pieces in it makes this bedding set very appealing.

To be honest, at first, I was a little skeptical about getting the Regatta 7pc Comforter Set. You see, I have seen other bedding sets before that look great in magazines, pictures, and websites…

BUT when you actually order it, you get something different. However, now that I have and use the Regatta 7pc Comforter Set, I’m glad I bought it!

Before moving on to the real meat of this bedding se, there is one minor quibble I have with it – I wish the comforter is a little thicker and that it had more insulation. Still, the comforter from the Regatta 7pc Comforter Set is very warm.

Being an interior designer in training, I’m always looking for different and beautiful things that would bring a room together and the Regatta 7pc Comforter Set definitely cuts it. Anybody in the interior designing industry knows how hard it is to fit different pieces – furnitures, beddings, and everything else together. It perfectly compliments the new dark wood bookcase I recently got. It completed my bedroom and gave the modern and sophisticated look I wanted it to have.

And what about the comfort level? Get this – the pieces in the Regatta 7pc Comforter Set are astonishingly comfortable! I have been using the set for more than 2 months now BUT I can tell that it will stick with me and my bedroom for the years to come. Having a high end style for a price that is very reasonable, I don’t have any trouble or hesitation recommending the Regatta 7pc Comforter Set. Give it a try and see what I’m talking about.