Natori Bedding

It is fascinating to observe how the different background of their designers has such an obvious and powerful impact on their works and the Natori bedding is a great example for that. That is because while Vera Wang was a designer with Steve Madden and then moved on to become famous on her own for her wedding gowns designs, so are her bedding sets a luxurious exploration of the innovative ways in which the classic can be explored as new. And because Josie Natori is a Philippines native she understands the beauty that each ancient culture possesses and she is able to bring that to life in her Natori bedding collection.

Josie by Natori Hollywood Boho Duvet Mini Set, Full/Queen, Multicolor

That is to say that the Natori bedding sets are inspired by the beauty held in many of the ancient civilizations and so they are a beautiful exploration of the essence held by each one of those cultures.

We would like to take a look together first at what we consider the most beautiful Natori bedding sets of which the Samarkand set is the newest and perhaps the most beautiful. It is inspired by the ancient city of Samarkand, the jewel of the Silk Road and one of the first moments in human history when several cultures came together to create something of extraordinary beauty. The Samarkand bedding set pays homage to that ancient city and is every bit as beautiful and luxurious as you would expect. It is in fact a T300 thread count mixture of cotton and silk. And for the price you will receive a comforter, bed skirt and 2 standard shams in the Samarkand Natori bedding set.

However the most famous Natori bedding to date is the Sumatra set which is inspired by the Uzbek suzani patterns that their ancient civilization created. They are actually the direct descendants of the Sumerian civilization so the appeal this bedding set has on its owner is very strong and has its roots in the very birth of mankind. The only problem here is that you will need to assemble this set piece by piece as it is only sold like that. We have featured here the center piece of the Sumatra Natori bedding which is the 100% cotton duvet and you can work from that to pick out you favorite items to complete the set.

But before you go on the hunt for the Sumatra bedding you might want to look at the Potala palace inspired Natori bedding. Potala Palace was the forbidden city of the most spiritual civilization on earth that lived in Tibet until the Chinese invasion forced the Dalai Lama and all the religious hierarchy to fly to exile. Since then the palace has become a museum which is a petty reward for the destruction of such a noble civilization but it had allowed for a deeper exploration and it is the inspiration for this beautiful and shattering bedding set. However here too you will have to pick out your favorite pieces to create the entire Natori bedding set as we have only featured the duvet here.

The beauty of the Natori bedding is that it is based on a philosophy of comfort and everything else stems from there. Because the point of any linen should be first and fore most to cover you in spoiling comfort no matter what that means. So if a piece of cardboard was the best cover than you would see it in the Natori selection. But the fact is that cardboard isn’t comfortable while the best bamboo cotton is and that is exactly why Natori bedding are made from it and that is why you are always to find traditional designs from over the world brought in their collection.

So if you were to look at the Natori bedding Uzbek collection you will find that they work from a yellow base covered in traditional motifs of Persian red, blue and green to create a sensation of pure, quiet beauty that is sharp enough to project a strong personality and still harmonious enough so that you will be able to enjoy a good night’s rest. It measures 110 by 96 inch so it was designed with a king or queen size bed in mind and it is made from 100% bamboo cotton. As is the case with all Natori bedding models you will need to pick up every item that in need, in the sense that they do not force a package on you so if you only need the sheet and a pillow case you can get only that. Or if you just want the Natori bedding Uzbek collection duvet and only want that because you can already fit it with something you have you have the advantage of being able to choose just that.

And for those more somber buyers you can always go for the Natori bedding Soho collection which is a favorite of young rising executives not only because it the more conservative design but also because the 100% cotton sateen on the back of the cover as well as on the pillow cases makes this one of the most refreshing beddings you could enjoy. The subdued light grey colors of the entire collection make for an air of purity and cleanliness and are a relaxing retreat for the eye of a person constantly bombarded by the flashes of the technological era. So the most visual relaxing linens are those from the Natori bedding Soho collection because of its simple, straight forward colors.

But if you have been following the design magazines of the world you will notice that the Natori bedding Sumatra collection has been receiving a lot of attention. It was featured in the Architectural Design magazine so it has not only the guarantee of one of the world’s premiere closing desingers who created it but also its color choice has been appreciated by architects and interior designers. In fact purple has always been appreciated by the royal houses of Europe because of its strong yet reserved shades. And it is the combinations of different shades of purple make this entire Natori bedding Sumatra collection a very impressive set to own.

And the young brides will certainly recognize the Natori bedding Potala Palace collection which was featured in the Brides magazine. It is inspired by the Potala Palace paintings so although they may not have lost their mystical roles they are still the product of one of the oldest religious cultures on earth. And if by nothing else then the law of natural evolution those color choices are some of the best you could make to surround yourself with. The myth behind their choice is that their bright powerful nature wards away spirits and demons. Of course you need not believe all that to just appreciate the raw quality of the models in the Natori bedding Potala Palace collection.