Lilly Pulitzer Bedding

The Lilly Pulitzer Bedding is just one of the many products under the Lilly Pulitzer label. This is one of the most sought after products for the home due to the bright colours, pretty patterns and the vibrant feel that it exudes. Lilly Pulitzer lends her genius and innovative designs and patterns on her bedding so that her clients can have the same summer happy feeling in their homes at any time of the year.
Lilly Pulitzer Pillow (Medium), Flamingo

Who is Lilly Pulitzer? Lilly Pulitzer was born Lillian Lee McKim on November 10, 1931. She was the daughter of Robert V. McKim and Lillian Botswick. She studied in New York City and in 1949 she finished school in Miss Porter’s School in Connecticut. She then studied in Finch College but then eloped in 1950 with her husband, Herbert Peter Pulitzer, Jr. Eventually they divorced in 1969 and she married Enrique Rousseau.

When Lilly was with Peter Pulitzer, they lived in Palm Beach in Florida. Due to the hot weather, she decided to sell fruit juice at a stand in Via Mizner. Little did she know that her fruit juice stand will be the start of her very successful career. She noticed that the fruit juices were staining her clothes and so she wanted to find a way to cover up the stains. She tried to create a shift dress and then camouflaged the stains using bright colors and dainty patterns. When she wore the preppy print dress that she designed, her customers were buying more than the fruit juice that she sells.

They were actually lining up to order the same dress that she was wearing! Lilly then realized that she has a knack for designing clothes and her original idea can branch out to many more opportunities to live out her dream and be the best designer in the world. She then created the Lilly Pulitzer company in 1959 and set up her factory in Miami, Florida. Since then she designed florals, bold patterns, paisley dresses, all adorned with pastel colors, bright palettes, and vibrant hues.

It was her mission to bring a high level of cheerfulness through her clothes and make everyone very happy like a summer day. Eventually, after many years of designing clothes, Lilly Pulitzer expanded to other areas such as jewelry, shoes, accessories, home accessories, beddings, other home accents, and even little knick knacks where she can put her designs on. Her empire became bigger and was sought after by a lot of people who are looking for a preppy cheery designer look for their wardrobe and their homes.

Lilly Pulitzer Bedding

Lilly Pulitzer Bedding collection, especially the one that was partnered with Garnet Hill, is all made from luxury cotton and durable materials in order to ensure the highest quality possible for the product. All the beddings from the Lilly Pulitzer collection have been made out of the highest quality Egyptian cotton to make sure that everyone feels 100% comfort and satisfaction with the fabric.

The designs of Lilly Pulitzer are not just her forte but she also made sure that everything is just pure comfort. The timeless designs from Lilly Pulitzer complete the look. Lilly puts together contemporary patterns with bright hues and produces a great splash of vibrant designs for the bedroom.

Blue Koi Lilly

The Blue Koi Bedding collection starts with a white embroidered bedskirt that features a very dainty but simple design for the bed. It is then paired up with a sky blue and aqua blue pattern on white background. The paisley floral design shows a very feminine side and can bring that fresh look to any bed. The main focal point of this bedding collection is the blue koi in the center of the duvet. Two koi fishes intertwined showing a great partnership between Lilly Pulitzer and Garnet Hill. What could be more symbolic than that?

The Blue Koi Bedding collection aims to show serenity just like the two fishes and calmness from the blue hues.

Sister Florals Lilly The Lilly Pulitzer Bedding in Sister Florals Lilly design is a real beauty and is the epitome of what Lilly Pulitzer has been designing for years and years on end. There is nothing more than pink, green, yellow and blue all put together that screams Lilly Pulitzer. She combined flowers and dainty designs on the comforter and bed cover to evoke a bright summer day and a girly feminine feeling. Lace accents are added on the pillowcases to further extend the girly feel.

This is a great Bedding collection for sisters’ bedrooms or the beddings for a female house guest.

Where to Buy Lilly Pulitzer Bedding? If you really are keen on having a bright and vibrant makeover for your bedroom, head over to the nearest major department store in your area and look for her bedding.

You may also go to specialty stores that sell home accessories, most especially beddings. Most of these specialty stores sell designer beddings such as Lilly Pulitzer Bedding. You may also go online and just order directly from the official website of Lilly Pulitzer. If you are not in the United States, you may also search for local retailers or trusted and reliable online resellers of her collection.

There is no doubt that this bedding can be a great addition to the home. If your home looks blah and boring with the white walls and you are tired with the usual designs that you get from the home section in the department stores, then this bedding collection is for you. If you also feel that you want an instant makeover for one of the most important rooms in your house so that you can feel renewed and refreshed, then her collection is your best choice. There are a lot of people who have bought this for themselves and have never been so happy because the Lilly Pulitzer Bedding is just pure bliss coming from the beautiful designs.

You are certainly well informed about who is she and what kinds of state of the art interior home design elements she makes. Particularly speaking about her bedding designs, we cannot neglect the warmness it gives us when we look at her masterpieces. For all of you who are still not so much into her work, you should know that she is very long time in designing business and the beddings are not her primary occupation. More time she spends on designing clothes for everyday person. Women across the world adore her works, so you know that her work is appreciated and acknowledged. It is the reference you can trust. Now as for this bedding sale, we have prepared for you great examples that could adorn your bedding room easily.

Let’s begin.

The state of the art bedding sales

As her state of the art beddings are being sold all over the globe, it is you who are interested to see if there are interesting beddings that you will instantly fall in love with. My answer to you is: yes, of course there is! Big markets like Amazon, Wallmart, Ebay are all having at least something of her collections. Many of those online stores have separate sections just for her products. That tells much about her work.

Sister florals comforter cover

Orange pink color mix with floral design all over it and sleek white sheet piece at the ends of the cover makes perfect combination of colors, designs and taste. Ideally suits for youth beds and kids. Floral design is retro inspired and very well looking. It is made of combed cotton for the softest touch ever. It is because this lady very much cares about your skin and feels too. That’s why her beddings are so popular. By adding in some great looking pillows to blend in this design, you will get bedclothes everybody will envy you on. Believe me, this bedding is worth it.

Review of Lilly Pulitzer Bedding

Lilly Pulitzer bedding range has acclaimed high status throughout the world right from the day of its inception. Pulitzer collection is very famous worldwide and has really left a mark on high-profile societies of the world. Their bedding range includes a splendid mix of both modern and traditional flavors mixed in an artistic value.

Collection for Bedrooms

Bedding range available for dorms or the kid’s bedrooms is outstanding in nature. Even, refurbishing bedrooms with bedding equipments from her bedding stores would certainly add grandeur and elegance. Bedding collection from this range would appeal to people looking for enhancing creative touch into their bedrooms, with a spicy mix of aesthetic traditional designs, along with modern view of color combination.

Stunning Designer Beddings

Bedding consists of a major appeal in almost every household. Who does not want to relish a splendid sleep in highly attractive bedroom with designer and soft pillows and attractive sheets? Stunning designer bed sheets and other accessories from Pulitzer bedding help to increase attractive quality of modern rooms.

Apart from these, sorority bedding and décor adds aesthetic flavor to rooms, thereby, helps to create an aura of serenity. A unique blend of customization and comfort helps this brand to stand out of any other brands throughout the world.

Mix of Tradition and Fashion

Traditional and fashionable bedding features should be mentioned in special. The huge collection of traditional and fashionable bedroom accessories, including scalloped-edged pillow and quilt covers add beauty to modern bedrooms that has a touch of traditional flavor.

Bedding sets from Lilly Pulitzer adores several mind-blowing designs and facets. They are even available in a range of color and designs, making it almost possible to fulfill your desire to turn your bedroom into the most attractive place of your house. Although the price may appear to be a bit high in the first instance, but the quality of products would definitely leave no scope to rethink.

Lilly Pulitzer floral bedding would also come as great respite to the eyes. A natural shift to colorful prints of petals and attractive flowers would definitely bring some respite from unending series of stripes or checkered bedding accessories that are flourishing in the present day markets.

In addition to this, single-colored bed sheets from Pulitzer bedding are also attracting several compliments. They can add beauty and match with the color of wall or ceiling of any modern bedroom, adding beauty to it. You can also go for some cushions and bed sheet shams to transform your favorite bedroom into a dashing one like those of luxury hotels.

Dark color combinations of bed sheets and other accessories from Pulitzer bedding would help to add flavor of the season during winter. You will find a huge collection of bedding accessories by which your entire bedroom appearance can be modified in accordance to modern concept, or the one you desire the most. Perhaps you would like to try out a blend of fashionable outlook with traditional designs.

•    Moderate price
•    Wide variety of design and color of bedding accessories are available

•    May find difficulty during cleaning or washing, initially
•    Might appear bit costly