Lilly Pulitzer Bedding Fabric

The loyal aficionados of Lilly Pulitzer products were thrilled to find lately that Lee Jofa has just introduced their Lilly Pulitzer fabric collection with a number of amazing color ways and prints. Though some are high-priced (especially the embroidered pieces), but many cotton prints are highly affordable and would make excellent window and pillows treatments. The Lee Jofa Lilly Pulitzer collection features the cheeky detailing and instantly recognizable colors that fans of Lilly have admired for decades. Apart from some new patterns and the Lilly’s signature prints in its classic green and pink combinations, plus other clean and bright colors, the Lilly Pulitzer fabric Lee Jofa are available in linen, cotton, jacquard, silk, and chintz.

Lilly Pulitzer Fabric – Home Items with the Lilly Fabrics

Besides the preppy and classic products from the Lilly Pulitzer brand, they have other equally chic items as well. Women clothing and dresses are one of their best selling items. With their rising popularity though, the Lilly brand decided to get on into other ventures, which is creating their very own Lilly furniture and other household items. The brand has since then created fabrics that can colorfully grace homes and display an air of extreme fashion. Therefore, if you’re the preppy kind of woman who always aims at surrounding herself with chic items, opting for the Lilly Pulitzer fabric yard should be your import.

The Lilly Pulitzer bedding should make a perfect choice for any bedroom needs. Having your personal bedroom prepped up with beautiful items should absolutely make you feel at peace and rested in such beautiful environment. On top to this, the Lilly beddings are produced using the most comfortable and lightest fabrics to make sleeping an adventure to always look on to. If you really want to make your bedroom feel more like a paradise to you, opting for the bedding supplies that best reveal your personality is pretty much essential. Thanks to the Lilly Pulitzer fabric swatches which are created to help you make a better choice when shopping around retailer stores for Lilly fabrics. Don’t settle down mundane, plain bedding; instead, go for a Pulitzer bedding.

From green and pink to citrus and other tropical colors, the Lilly beddings will have you cheerfully showing your bedroom to family and friends. The colors and patterns will always bring smiles to your face, and make your heart filled with joy. In this busy and speedy life we live in, is it not ideal to have something of these designs and styles to take your mind to a realm that is cozy and welcoming?

Lilly Furniture

Aside from the Lilly beddings, the brand also created Lilly Pulitzer fabric by the yard for furniture. The Lilly Pulitzer furniture are crafted just right for fashionable and preppy owners of home who hold styles in high esteem. The brand teamed up with reliable makers of furniture in town and came out with their own take at these home items such as sofa, chairs, dining sets, among others. Like other Lilly items, the Lilly furniture are not only functional but they are durable and made of high quality as well.

Lilly took her undying love for colors and patterns from women fashions and into designs and styles for both men and kids. Many people around the world are glad that she was able to turn her God-given talents to sophisticated home items. Your home surroundings should be that place where you can relax and feel very comfortable, and having colorful, fanciful Lilly Pulitzer fabrics around is just one way to achieve this. How pleasurable will it be to put yourself at ease in a home environment that has the flair and style that these fabrics provide? It is definitely more pleasing than a drab and dull home environment that might often reflect the slog of gray days you would like to elude.

Lilly Pulitzer Fabric

With all the goodies that items with Lilly fabrics bring, you should consider owning one of them at least. Whether you go for the bedding or the furniture pieces of these beautiful fabrics, a Lilly Pulitzer is certainly a must-have for every home. Besides your appearance, your home should equally be a place that reflects your individuality. Therefore, turn your home environment into a place with Lilly Pulitzer fabric.