Find Lilly Pulitzer Bedding On Sale

When the young woman Lilly Pulitzer designed her first dress, a colorful printed cotton affair designed to cover the inevitable juice stains from working at her juice stand in the early 1950′s, she had no idea this was the beginning of a successful line of women’s clothing, mens clothing, clothes for children, shoes, jewelry and other fashionable items, and of course Lilly Pulitzer bedding.

Lilly Pulitzer Bedding

According to Wikipedia, 18 year old Lillian Lee McKim eloped with Robert Pulitzer Jr. in 1950. Her husband owned several orange groves so the industrious young Lilly opened a juice stand. Her customers loved her dress so much that she decided to make some to sell at her juice stand. Now that dress is known as the classic shift dress. It was not long after that she abandoned the juice trade entirely to focus on womens clothing.

She became the president of Lilly Pulitzer Inc. in 1959, and now her colorful designs are known everywhere. Luminaries as large as Jaqueline Kennedy have worn her clothes. Indeed her impact on fashion the stuff of legend, and those who value style as a statement of boldness and individuality have admired her and her work for decades.

It is no wonder that her bedding designs are so popular. Her bright designs, pastel colors, often times beautiful flower prints will brighten any room, How wonderful to wake up in the morning cozy and warm, enveloped in gorgeous sheets and blankets. The warm colors and happy tones contribute to a cheery start of the day. It is the little things that matter most to our our everyday happiness, and the importance of our environment cannot be overstated. Many people of taste and distinction benefit daily from spending the night wrapped in delightful and charming Lilly Pulitzer bedding.

Lilly Pulitzer Bedding Sale

Of course everyone is looking for a bargain, and the aficianado of lovely things is no exception. It is possible to find bedding on sale. There are internet stores of course, and you can find bargains at physical stores as well. Sheets and comforters can be quite expensive, so whenever you cad Lilly Pulitzer bedding on sale it is hard to resist the purchase.

It is in fact worth it to seek out the best deal you can find, but don’t sacrifice quality and style unless absolutely necessary. Although sheets, pillowcases and comforters are only seen by the few that are lucky enough to enter your bedroom, you should always know that everything that contributes to your quality of life is worthwhile. In short you are worthwhile, and your comfort and serenity has an intrinsic value in and among itself. In short, you deserve the joy that comes with quality.

Sleeping in style and comfort is very important to me personally, as I am sensitive to lesser quality materials which irritates my skin and prevents deep refreshing rest. I find I sleep better when wrapped in quality. Of course a good night sleep is critical to my well being, so the extra expense is well justified. When trying to find affordable quality a bit of research is always good. You can find a store that sells Lilly Pulitzer bedding near you by searching their website.