Croscill White Label Topaz Comforter Set

Are you looking for a very fine comforter and bedding set, which is made of sophisticated designs…made only with the best and luxurious fabrics, trims, and more? If so, then get this – you can never go wrong with getting the Croscill White Label Topaz Comforter Set! Take a look at the Topaz Bedding – when I first saw it, 3 words came to mind immediately…lavishness, style, and grace. The chocolate satin is covered with raised and golden woven damask. Different golden elements include a leaf as well as a vine motif. The bed skirt from the Croscill White Label Topaz Comforter Set will remind you of a flowing gown that is created with solid chocolate satin that has a copper satin trim. You will find the same copper satin trim on the shams. With the Croscill White Label Topaz Comforter Set (which includes the comforter, bed skirt, as well as 2 pillow shams), you will surely create an inviting bedroom. On the face of the comforter, you will find an elegantly raised vine and leaf design that perfectly blends with the chocolate satin background.

Croscill White Label Majestic Euro Pillow Sham, Taupe

Having a 1/4 copper piping while being trimmed on all sides, the comforter from this bedding set reverses to a chocolate satin background.

Created only with the best and luxurious blend of rayon as well as polyester (while being overfilled and plumply), there’s no doubt that the comforter offers comfort. To work with the comforter, the pillow sham has the same pattern and design, and just like it, it also reverses to a solid chocolate design. And to make sure that you can easily remove the pillows, it has a 30 inch zipper. Made to fit a high profile and California king sized bed, the comforter has dimensions or measurements of 110 inches by 96 inches. The shams on the other hand measure 36 by 20 inches while the shams are 36 by 20 inches.

When I purchased the Croscill White Label Topaz Comforter Set and saw it for the first time, I was very impressed with how beautiful and exquisite it looked. When I first used it and slept with it, I can tell that the material used to create it is top notch and it felt really great. The bed skirt is just as sleek and stylish like every piece from the bedding and comforter collection. The Croscill White Label Topaz Comforter Set gave my bedroom the wow factor it lacked before…making anyone seeing it stare in amazement.