Charter Club Palmetto

The Charter Club Damask Stripe bedding collection is one of a kind no doubt. With a great thread count, made with material that is so comfortable, eye popping design, there’s nothing more you can ask for from this bedding collection from Charter Club. HOWEVER, it seems like the guys behind this bedding ensemble can’t seem to get enough! If you think Charter Club Damask Stripe bedding collection is perfect, then you better take a look at Charter Club Palmetto, which acts like an ‘upgrade’ of the Damask collection. With this bedding ensemble, you will be transforming your ordinary looking room into one that is oozing with elegance. Made and designed within dobby looms, you delicate combination of satin as well as the matte textures of the Charter Club Palmetto’s pieces greatly enhance the versatility of the solid colors that they have.

Charter Club Damask Stripe 500T Palmetto Full/Queen Duvet Cover

So you think having a 250, 300, 350, or even a whopping 400 thread count coupled with cotton sateen material ranks number one in the comfort department? Well, I’m pretty sure the 500 thread count of the pieces within the Charter Club Palmetto bedding collection will make you think again!

All of the bits and pieces from the Charter Club Palmetto bedding set are all…well, astounding! BUT among these, I fell in love with 3 specific pieces – they are the bed skirt, the queen sized comforter, as well as the sheets. The bed skirt has a 500 thread count as mentioned, the fabric has 100 percent pima cotton, a 16 inch drop, and best of all, it’s machine washable just like the rest of the ensemble!

The Charter Club Palmetto queen sized comforter on the other hand has the measurements of 90 inches by 92 inches. You will surely love the satin and matte texture…giving this comforter a stylish look and feel to it. And here’s a huge bonus – to make sure that you won’t sneeze while enjoying the comfort provided by this comforter, it is filled with the hypoallergenic EcoDown. Along with that, this pure cotton comforter is finished with a 2 inch sateen border like an icing on a cake.

You see, I have always been looking for a good bed sheet. Owning a 21 inch deep mattress, it was hard for me to find one that fits with it. For about 2 years or so, I have been using 18 inch deep bed sheets and all I can say is that they are all miserable. The sides sliding up, wrinkling…name it and if it is annoying, chances are, I have experienced it. True, the sheets from the Charter Club Palmetto bedding collection are a little pricey compared to others. BUT with the quality, the material it is made of, the feel, and the fact that it perfectly fits with my 21 inch deep mattress made it worth every single penny. Gone are the days that the sides are sliding up and they feel great on your skin. Forget about the sheets wrinkling after coming out of your washing machine’s dryer.

Here’s the bottom line – if you are looking for something that could match or better yet surpass the Charter Club Damask bedding collection in all departments, by all means have a look at the Charter Club Palmetto bedding collection. You can never go wrong owning one and using it in your bedroom.