Charter Club Contessa

So you are longing to experience what it’s like to sleep in the finest lodging houses and rooms back in the Renaissance era? Is gorgeous and comfortable not enough for you when it comes to bedrooms and bedding collections or sets? If you answered to any of those questions, then taking a look at Charter Club Contessa bedding collection is a must! No, the pieces in the Charter Club Contessa bedding collection is NOT just beautiful. They are beyond gorgeous. Just the oversized and ornate sateen quilt that comes along with the collection is more than enough to spoil you with the luxury and softness that only the royalties experience. And yes, this is inspired by the Rennaisance era designs. It shows with the complex design of the quilt combined with the fleur de lis theme. The pearly colors of the quilt are a perfect combination when paired with Contessa sheets and bedding from other series like the Charter Club Noblesse.

Charter Club Luxury "Contessa" Quilted Sham, European Parchment

We have been looking for the perfect comforter as well as the perfect bedding that would go along with the new master’s room. And right off the bat, when I saw the Charter Club Contessa, I knew that this is the bedding collection I’m looking for. You may think that the very gorgeous look of the pieces from the Charter Club Contessa bedding collection make it a little inflexible…unable to blend with other pieces from different bedding collections.

BUT that is not the case! We combined the comforter and the bedding with decorative pillows from other bedding collections and they still look as great. As for the sheets, saying that they are gorgeous is an understatement. They feel divine! They feel soft like the clouds and I can’t help BUT get the feeling that I’m sleeping in an expensive European hotel whenever I lay off to bed.

So what is included in the Charter Club Contessa bedding collection? Let’s have a quick look at the pieces. First off, you will get a a king sized quilt which measures 110 inches by 96 inches. This quilt has been oversized to fit premium bedding and large beds. The fills are made of 100 percent polyester and contains scalloped edging.

Coming along with it is a standard European sham. The European sham from Charter Club Contessa bedding collection can easily fit with pillows that are 26 inches by 26 inches. Having fills made of polyester and colored with gold, the shams are easy on the skin and on the eyes.

And to top this collection off like an icing on a cake, here comes the two standard sized pillow cases from Charter Club Contessa bedding collection (each measuring 20 by 29 inches). Made of 100 percent Egyptian cotton as well as having a WHOPPING 600 thread count, these pillow cases are unbeatable when it comes to comfort levels. I have seen pillow cases, comforters, sheets, and everything in between having a thread count of 300, 350, and even 500 thread count…and they’re great on the skin. BUT with a 600 thread count, as I’ve said, the pieces in the Charter Club Contessa bedding collection feel DIVINE!

I am very pleased with the purchase that I have made. The Charter Club Contessa has everything I am looking for in a bedding collection. Give it a try and get a feel of the Renaissance Era…feel what it’s like to sleep in the heavens!