Charter Club Arden

Ahhh, the sunshine. Don’t you find it very warm and inviting whenever the sunshine hits your face once you wake up? BUT if your bedroom isn’t comfortable and appealing enough, waking up in the morning may not be as appealing. If that describes your situation, then you should check out the Charter Club Arden bedding collection! The Charter Club Arden bedding and comforter collection is a 4 piece bedding set that will surely light up your room with its very cheerful and lively combination of floral design and colors – it showcases stripe patterns that compliments the decorative colors found on the bed skirt.


Along with that, the reverse side of the comforter as well as the duvet has a stylish look that coordinates very well with the rest of the pieces in the Charter Club Arden bedding ensemble. PLUS, with a soft and comfortable 230 thread count and cotton sateen as the material used, you will surely have a great night’s sleep with this bedding collection.

Just in case you are wondering, the four pieces in the Charter Club Arden bedding collection includes the comforter or duvet, a bed skirt, as well as 2 standard shams. The king sized comforter measures 106 inches by 96 inches. The 2 pillow shams, on the other hand, both measure 20 inches by 36 inches. And the king sized bedding skirt has the dimensions of 78 inches by 80 inches with a 16 inch drop.

Initially, I just purchased a comforter as well as the matching pillow shams from the collection. Aside from the golden color scheme that it has that blends perfectly with the satin-like green tones as well as yellow stripes, I must say I am impressed with the details.

Let’s check out the comforter first – it is sewn with dime sized circles that are about a foot or so apart. This does a great job of preventing the fillings from shifting from one spot to another – a problem common in bedding sets especially after washing. Along with that, I also like the spring green satin braiding found on the pillow shams.

As for the fabric, I’m giving it two thumbs up. True, there are other bedding and comforter sets that have higher thread count – 250, some are 300 to 350, and I even encountered ones that have a 400 thread count. However, I must say that the pieces from Charter Club Arden bedding collection are very soft and it has a satin like feel to it. Additionally, this is one of the few bedding sets that look better in ‘person’ (so to speak) than in images or pictures. The Charter Club Arden bedding collection looks like a set that you would find in English cottages. Very pretty!

If you are looking to bring more warmth to your mornings, then heed my advice – grab the Charter Club Arden bedding collection!