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Divine Design With Matador Bedding By Croscill Bedding!

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, and a wonderful way to add elegance to it is with Matador Bedding by Croscill Bedding. Soothing yet elegant, rich and luxurious, Matador Bedding is a designer’s dream come true. This pattern will fit with many different room designs.

Croscill Home Matador Pole Top Drapery, Beige

Matador Bedding is a beautiful patchwork design featuring several motifs, including scrollwork and damask. This gives it a rich look, with an almost Spanish flair. It is a tasteful mix of beige and gold tones, giving it a tastefully luxurious appearance. In addition to the normal comforter set with bed skirt, Croscill Matador Bedding also has matching throw pillows and window treatments to tie a room together.

For the traditional designer, Matador Bedding will work well in a classically styled room full of rich champagne and soft gold colors. Softly colored walls give bedrooms a soothing, safe feeling. A dark yet vibrant yellow will bring out the color in the bedspread. Combined with a light beige carpeting and some area rugs with darker highlights, this will turn any bedroom into an oasis. For this classical style, iron scrollwork furnishings and decorations will match the design of the fabric. Furniture made of dark hardwood with smooth, clean lines will also fit well. This is also a great choice for a more exotic traditional flavor. The beige tones are stunning with rich shades of burgundy and blue, and the pattern is elaborate without being overwhelming amongst other textures and patterns.

Croscill Matador Bedding is versatile enough to be used in a more modern bedroom as well. Current designs are trending towards bright and vibrant wall colors, patterns and textures in unexpected places, and sleek furniture that is either painted or made of plastics or metals. Although Matador Bedding has a traditional look, it can be used to tie these elements together. Its neutral beige tones will work with nearly any wall color, from the brightest yellow to the darkest green. Additionally, its subtle patchwork pattern can be used with a variety of textured walls and hangings without becoming overwhelming.

Matador Bedding by Croscill Bedding is a traditionally styled yet modern design that works well in any home. With a variety of accessories and matching treatments, it can be used in countless ways to create the perfect bedroom. Whether you are looking for classical elegance or a unique contemporary statement, Croscill Matador Bedding is the ideal bed set for the discerning decorator.