Grey Bedding

There are many things to be said about grey bedding because it is the preferred color range preferred by one of the most beloved schools of thought in architecture, landscaping and interior design. It is something that has been around for millennia and that has been a part of all the other trends that have come and went, but it took the Japanese Zen to give it a name and a shape of its own. We are obviously talking about the minimalist current that is that constitutes the secret behind all the successful trends. It talks about keeping every sensory input to a minimum so that everything becomes relaxed and restful. And in our super-fast, hyper active culture there is nothing more important than a restful bedroom with a relaxing, minimalist grey bedding.


The grey bedding makes for the perfect background for meditative approach to life and so you can utterly relax and basically choose the price level where you would like to be by looking at the top 3 beddings we have provided you, each from a different price range. And the first is the best and obviously the most expensive. However, it is the creation of designer Michael Kors and it is soft, heavy comforter that will provide warmth and also instantly become a center piece for any bedroom. Its suede border bands fall graciously around the bed to give it an air of distinction and respectability. And for it’s price tag you will also receive the 2 standard, button shams for a complete grey bedding set.

However if you prefer a lesser price tag for a grey bedding set then the Wellington and Castle offer is the one that will probably be the most appealing. For its price tag you get a 7 piece bedding set, including the comforter, 2 shams, 2 pillows, 1 neck roll pillow and 1 bed skirt. And don’t think for a second that this isn’t a high quality product, because, in fact, the comforter is extra size and is over filled. Its 2 main drawbacks are that it is made from polyester and it does not have designer label on it. But what is really the point of having a designer bedding if you are trying to create a feeling of restful relaxation and not of boasting another huge price tag. And the reality of it is that unless you are willing to pay alot for a complete cotton bedding set, everything else will be made from polyester or a polyester blend. So this is definitely the best grey bedding set for the money.

There are, however grey bedding sets that have an even lesser price tag, like the Ma Maison grey duvet that comes in a low price and that can single handedly turn the mood of a room around. You may want to complete the set in time by buying the shams or even 2 grey pillows but for the moment this is the best way to get the minimalist look in your bedroom without spending a lot of money doing so. And we wouldn’t have shown you this model if we did not trust that the fabric and the design quality was good for any taste. Only pay attention to the fact that you will only be buying the comforter, not the entire grey bedding set which you will have to complete at a later date.