Brown Zebra Bedding

If you want to try a truly luxurious, safari experience like décor than your best choice would be a brown zebra bedding set. And if you top that with the knowledge that all children love animal patterns and knowing who most zebra beddings are pink so girls only, than you can understand and probably have already experienced how difficult it is to find a brown zebra print bedding. However we have searched the entire range of distributers and tried their products so as to be able to give you an informed, detail information about their product. Together we will explore all the brown zebra bedding sets available today and we are going to see how some of them faired our inspection.

7 Piece Safari - Zebra - Giraffe Print Brown Micro Fur Comforter Set, Bed in Bag, Queen Size

The first set we would like you to consider is actually the best brown zebra bedding set from a small but rising company called Scent Sation. It is the best because it actually is the only one made from pure cotton. And not any kind of cotton but T300 thread count cotton and it is sateen to boot. And because the colors are woven in the fabric this is the only set we recommend you actually trust to machine wash. Although the rest boost that same claim of being machine washable you should really consider dry cleaning them only. But to return to the Scent Sation brown zebra bedding also consider that for the price you will be getting the comforter and 2 pillow cases so you might need to also get a simple brown cotton sheet to go with them.

However if you are willing to forsake cotton for a more complete set then the brown zebra bedding set from Home Collection is just the answer for you. It is made from a machine safe, microfiber fur, which is to say it is made from polyester. But the advantages are that for the price you get a bed in a bag with a comforter set, one sheet, two pillow cases, who neck rolls and the much coveted bed skirt that most providers don’t offer. The entire set is extremely comfortable and creates a feeling and a look of complete luxury. Basically if you don’t have anything against polyester than this is the complete, perfect brown zebra bedding set for any household.

Or if you prefer a different look but one that keeps the brown zebra bedding motif than the Veratex bedding set is the one for you. It has the same 8 pieces from the Home Collection store and a black faux suede feel for a look of complete luxury. It too is machine washable but as we’ve said in the beginning we only recommend that you machine wash Scent Satio product and dry clean the rest of the collection because we’ve seen situation, not on these particular models but you never know, where the colors did not stick properly enough to the synthetic fabric. So if you are going to get these brown zebra bedding sets be warned of this short come.