Towel Warmers

Believe it or not, the idea of the bathroom towel warmers first originated in the 1920s when radiators were built with cast iron which made use of heated water. However, due to that time period these items quickly phased but in recent years they have started to become popular again. In fact, many home owners are now starting to incorporate bathroom towel warmers into their home.

Benefits of using electric towel warmers

These are also being used for remodeling projects and come especially handy as the heated towel rails provide warmth and comfort. The differences between using a warm towel versus a regular one are significant as stepping out of a hot shower can chill your whole body. However, the use of a hot towel warmer ensures a soothing sensation as you can keep the warmth from escaping your body.

In addition to keeping your body warm, there are also health benefits of using bathroom towel warmers which make them an even more attractive choice. In fact, these units help to improve the overall air quality of the atmosphere as they prevent dust particles from circulating. These towel warmer racks also provide ample heat to prevent germs from multiplying in your bathroom which is immensely beneficial.

Additional reasons to get heated towel racks

Medical experts have even mentioned that the use of heated towel racks can help to eliminate dust mites as these promote a moisture free environment. This is possible since these devices maintain a consistent room temperature which also helps to prevent build up of mildew. This has serious implications in that these are not only handy to have, but they also have health benefits associated with them.

Another added benefit to bathroom towel warmers is that they can also used in other places and is certainly not limited to only the bathroom. They can be used in a location that’s near an outdoor hot tub or even a swimming pool there are certainly other places you can put it. Before getting started with the reviews, there are typically two different types of the towel warming rack.

Description of hydronic towel warmers

The difference between these two types of heated bathroom towel racks is the source of heat and how it is generated. The hydronic warmers need a constant hot water supply so they make use of the central heating system to generate this heat. These are typically wall mounted units though they could just as easily be placed on the floor so it can be connected to the home plumbing system.

One of the downsides with the hydronic towel warmer is that their operation is dependent with the central heating which tends to increase the electricity bill. Not only do these cost more compared to other types but they also require professional installation. Since there are no electrical restrictions, these are most ideal for placement on a pool deck or near a spa.

Electrical towel warmers as an alternative

Most electric towel warmers are filled with a special type of oil which starts to get hot when the unit is plugged in via an electrical outlet. Most of these devices have a low wattage heating element which makes them both safe and economical compared to hydronic warmers. The heating unit is built in so that the fluid can continue to circulate throughout the pipes.

One of the benefits to electrical bathroom towel warmers is that you can choose to purchase those models that come with timers. This means that you can easily preheat your towels according to your schedule which is beneficial for numerous reasons especially on cold nights. However, these towel warming racks need to be maintained on a regular basis so that the seals do not start to leak.

Warmrails Heatra Classic towel warmer and drying rack

This bathroom towel warmer can be used either freestanding or as a wall mounted unit so it ultimately comes down to your preference. This warmer is extremely energy efficient while providing comfort and even features Filatherm technology that enables it run 24 hours a day. This can be used to warm towels or to dry any delicate clothing and even swimming gear after you are done using it.

Basic assembly is required for this unit but all the hardware and brackets are included so you can be able to get started right away. This warmer is extremely beneficial to draw the moisture away from your towels and clothing during those humid months. One of the biggest benefits is that this does not use any oils so you won’t have to worry about any liquids leaking.

Warmrails Hyde Park bathroom towel warmer and drying rack

This freestanding warmer from Warmrails can not only heat up your towels but it can also be used to dry your clothes. This is rather beneficial for numerous reasons as it can help to keep your towels both dry and fresh which also reduces build up of mildew. This unit is styled similar to a ladder which has subtle curves to the rungs which features a chrome finish that makes it even more appealing.

This unit is not limited to only the bathroom as you can easily place it in a laundry room or elsewhere assuming there is an electrical outlet nearby. This electric heated towel rack requires minimal assembly and it even has a one year warranty should anything malfunction or need to be replaced. One of the downsides is that heated towel rack is medium priced but still comes highly recommended.

Warmrails Deluxe Vauxhall freestanding towel warmers

This model is very much similar to the two bathroom towel warmer reviews but this one features a dual sided towel rack. This is especially convenient as it is large enough to accommodate the entire family which is beneficial for numerous reasons. Not only does this work as a towel warmer and a drying rack, but it also has a stain nickel finish which makes it look extremely stylish.

This unit will most definitely help to add a much more luxurious experience as you transform your ordinary bathroom into something much more. This unit is very simple to use but does require basic assembly which then plugs into any standard electrical outlet. This is probably one of the better quality ones as this one is high priced but is certainly worth the investment.

Warmrails towel shelf towel warmer and drying shelf

When it comes to bathroom towel warmers and you are very specific about the type you want, then this one is specifically designed to very efficient in terms of space usage. This one is designed to be wall mounted and is both oil and liquid free but is still able to generate enough heat to warm bath towels. The two shelves are especially convenient so that you can use each for different items.

This bathroom towel rack is built with high quality material which is able to withstand up to 30 pounds and even has an elegant satin nickel finish. This shelf warmer is perfect for those bathrooms that have very limited space. What makes this bathroom heated towel warmer most attractive is that not only is it very energy efficient but you will almost definitely benefit from it all year round.

Finding discount bathroom towel warmers for sale

When it comes to heated towel bars, you probably already know how convenient they are and how they will benefit you in the long run. One of the many factors that prevent many individuals from making the purchase is the fact that a majority of the quality units cost well over high. While you can purchase a generic unit, it won’t be as reliable compared to units from brands like Warmrails or Myson.

Fortunately, you can easily be able to find cheap bathroom towel warmers for sale by shopping at online retail stores or even checking out auction sites. Not only does this let you compare prices but you can also be able to read online reviews to see what other individuals have said about the towel warmer. This is beneficial for numerous reasons so you know exactly what to expect.

Factors to consider when choosing an electric towel warmer

Before you purchase bathroom towel warmers, there are still many factors that you should most definitely take into consideration. For instance, there are many different colors, sizes and styles that you can choose from. Which one you choose is ultimately your choice but is dependent on a number of factors including how much space is available in your bathroom and what color would match it.

It’s also a good idea to stay away from generic brands as these manufacturers tend to use low quality materials which won’t last for very long. Be sure that the bathroom towel warmers that you purchase is also certified and complies with government safety regulations. Lastly, you will also need to choose between hydronic towel warmers or electrical towel warmers.

Other luxury items that you might want to consider

In addition to heated warmers, you can also choose to purchase a heated flooring tile system which makes the floor warm. Be advised that while these solutions are nice to have, they often tend to be quite expensive as they also require a professional to install them. You might also want to consider insulating the bathroom windows so that the heat from bathroom towel warmers does not escape.

Hopefully these towel warmer reviews and other information will help you when you decide to purchase a towel warmer rack for your bathroom. If you are on a budget, then you should also consider the heated towel radiators as they are much more affordable. Other than that, bathroom towel warmers are an excellent purchase and one that will benefit you for years to come.

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Towel warmers are a must for every bathroom

Nothing speaks luxury like having a towel warmer in the bathroom. After your luxurious bath or shower, it is nice to have a warm towel to wrap yourself in after you get out. Not only do towel warmers warm towels, they also help to dry towels and other clothing, such as sweaters and serve as a main source of heating in a room, usually a bathroom or laundry room.

A towel warmer will afford you fresh, fluffy and dry towels all the time. By putting your towels on a towel warmer, you ensure that your towels are not getting mildew or smelly from lying around in a wet pile on the floor. Towel warmers are energy efficient and also provide a lot of heat for a room in your home.

Operating independently from your central heating system, they are maintenance free and energy efficient in heating a room and keeping your towels dry and warm. They can be used all year long and usually warm up in a matter of 30 minutes. Towel warmers have flexible temperature settings, allowing for the difference between heating a room (setting the temperature on high) and warming towels (low temperature setting).

There are generally two types of towel warmerselectric and hydronic. Hydronic towel warmers are connected to the hot water supply in your home and have a pump to circulate the hot water. Electric towel warmers run on electricity and are self contained, acting independently from your central heating system. If you have central heating, your best choice is probably an electric towel warmer.

There are a variety of styles of towel warmers that come in a variety of price ranges. They come in a variety of colors and materials to best fit with your dcor. Towel warmers come in two types, free standing and wall mounted. Depending on the space you have available, your color dcor and what type of towel warmer you prefer, there are a wide variety of options available to suit your needs.

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Heating your bathroom with a hydronic towel warmer

One of the main advantages of having a hydronic towel warmer to help heat your bathroom, is you do not have to worry about it getting wet. Even though most often, hydronic towel warmers usually require the professional installation by a plumber, this type of towel warmer is most commonly purchased with the intent of helping to heat a bathroom. There are many reasons why people find hydronic towel warmers more efficient in heating a bathroom. The following paragraphs will discuss some of the differences between electric towel warmers, and help explain why hydronic towel warmers are more effective in heating a bathroom.

One of the main advantages of having a hydronic towel warmer to help heat your bathroom, is you do not have to worry about it getting wet. By being connected and ran by your central hot water system, there will be no electric heating elements present with a hydronic towel warmer, that can potentially cause electric shock. There are no limits as to where you can have your hydronic towel warmer installed. As opposed to electrical models, hydronic towel warmers can be installed in places likely to get wet.

Another advantage a hydronic towel warmer has over the electrical models is that they hydronic towel warmer will heat up much faster. Most hydronic towel warmers can warm up in less than 5 minutes, while it can take some electrical models up to an hour to reach peak temperatures. While most hydronic towel warmers are left running constantly, most electrical models have timers, so they can be programmed to come on and go off after a designated time span has lapsed. This fact alone makes a hydronic towel warmer a more popular choice when you want your towel warmer to help heat your bathroom, although both types of towel warmers are cost efficient.

Most people who are shopping for a towel warmer to help heat their bathroom chose hydronic models for many reasons. The above paragraphs discuss only a few of these reasons. If you are looking to purchase a towel warmer to help heat your bathroom, you should do your research. Make sure all of your questions are answered.

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Towel warmers serve many purposes

Towel warmers are becoming more popular not only to enhance the look of bathrooms, but they also serve many purposes. While a towel warmer is simply a decorative radiator designed to heat towels, they can also assist in heating the entire bathroom! The following paragraphs will discuss the many purposes of a towel warmer.

Towel warmers are used in more places than just bathrooms. They can also be found in places including:spassauna areaspool areasexercise areasshower areas

Not only are they decorative, towel warmers are designed to have your towel nice and warm for you when you get out of shower or bath. This is not the only benefit of owning a towel warmer.

A towel warmer not only warms towels before or after a shower or swim, they can also assist in heating the entire room, especially when used in the bathroom. How effective your towel warmer will be in heating the room will depend on the make and model, as well as how many towels are placed on it to be warmed. The more towels on the towel warmer will cause less heat in the room, the few towels on the warmer will increase the heat in the room.

Adding a towel warmer to a room can assist in making the air healthier to breath. Since many harmful elements exist where air is most damp, a towel warmer can help eliminate some of them. These elements include:

When the excess moisture in the room is removed, it prevents the growth of mold and mildew, as well as aids in the prevention of dust mites. Towel warmers are a great way to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom, or other appropriate room of your house. They are available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, sizes, and colors, to match and meet any need or desire.

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How do towel warmers work?

Towel warmers work in several different ways. No matter which type you install, you will enjoy the cozy comfort of your warm towel after each and every bath or shower.

Water or Oil Towel Warmers

Water, also called hydronic, towel warmers use hot water from your hot water heater or a hydronic heating system. This hot water warms the towels as it goes through the towel warmers.

Electric towel warmers are self-contained and filled with oil. The low wattage electric heating element in the towel warmers heats up the oil, which in turn warms the towels.

Plugged In or Hard Wired Towel Warmers

The towel warmers that are plugged in have more flexibility of placement. They can basically be installed anywhere there is an electric outlet (as long as it is the correct wattage).

The towel warmers that are hard wired are nice because they are cable free, which makes them less of a tripping hazard and gives them a nicer look. The hard wired variety typically is more expensive.

Towel Warmers With or Without a Timer

A timer is not an absolute necessity when you purchase a towel warmer. However, they can be a nice additional extra to have.

Towel warmers with timers are nice as they can be set to warm up a towel exactly when you plan to use it. You can set it for a certain hour of the day and even a certain day of the week! If you plan to use your towel warmers as a heat source in your bathroom at all times, you can just leave it on and forget about a timer. Many people opt to forget a timer and just leave the towel warmer on to create a spa-like atmosphere right in their bathroom!

When you go to purchase towel warmers, look at the unit as a whole and decide which one would work best with your home set-up.

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Using towel warmers during summer months

While heated towel warmers can help heat your bathroom during the colder months, many people wonder about the warmer months. Can they still warm their towels, as well as gain all the other benefits of a towel warmer, during the warmer months, without over heating their bathroom? The following paragraphs will discuss the use of towel warmers during the warmer months of the year.

A heated towel warmer can be used year round in most bathrooms without the bathroom becoming too over-heated. During the summer months, a towel warmer can actually help eliminate the moisture in your bathroom, while making your towels the perfect temperature for all the comfort in the world after a bath or shower. Most towel warmers do not heat the towels to the level of an actual dryer, but they will be the perfect temperature to wrap yourself in, especially if your home has a central air conditioning unit.

As mentioned above, a towel warmer can help eliminate moisture in your bathroom during summer months that can cause mildew and mold spores to grow. By eliminating these elements, not only will you be making the air healthier to breathe, but you will also be eliminating any odors that may be absorbed into the excess moisture, as well as odors caused by mold and mildew. During the summer months, towel warmers can be even more beneficial. Not only can they give your bathroom a “spa” effect, but you can also dry your swim wear on it, as opposed to running the dryer. Not only can running the dryer be more costly, but dryers can damage delicate swim wear. Towel warmers are commonly low energy devices, and are ran constant. Some models use no more energy than a light bulb.

Using a towel warmer during summer months is not only possible, but reaps many benefits. Do not worry about a towel warmer making your bathroom unbearably hot during the summer. In most cases, this will not happen.

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How to choose the right towel warmer

When trying to decide which is the perfect towel warmer for you, there are many things to take into consideration. How much will your budget allow you to spend? Do you intend to use it in your bathroom, or in a sauna room? Towel warmers come in different types, styles, and sizes, to meet the needs of anyone. The following paragraphs will discuss some factors to consider, to help you choose the right towel warmer for you.

One important consideration to make when searching for the right towel warmer for you is what purposes to you want your towel warmer to serve. For example, if you just want a warm towel when you step out of the bath or shower, a smaller, electric towel warmer might be your wisest choice. But if you want your towel warmer to help heat your bathroom while warming your towels, you may want to consider a larger, more expensive hydronic model of towel warmer.

Another consideration to make when choosing the right towel warmer is how much your budget will allow you to spend. Towel warmers come in a wide range of prices to meet anyone’s budget. Of course smaller units are less expensive, but can also add a touch of elegance to your bathroom, while pampering you with warm towels. However, less expensive models are not known to be very effective in heating a bathroom.

Finally, when trying to choose the right towel warmer for your bathroom, you should consider how much space you have available to your to install the towel warmer. If you do not have much room available in your bathroom, there are units you can install and mount right on your wall. Floor models are also available, for the larger bathroom. It is important to know how much space you have available in your bathroom before you make a final purchase, to ensure your towel warmer will fit nicely in your bathroom.

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How to improve your health with a towel warmer

When it comes to keeping your bathroom a healthier room in your house, a towel warmer could play a huge role. Towel warmers can not only be a stunning part of your bathroom decor, but can also reap several health benefits while dressing up the room. The following paragraphs will discuss the types of towel warmers available, as well as the health benefits of adding a towel warmer to your bathroom.

Types of Towel Warmers

There are two basic types of towel warmers available for purchase. They are electric towel rail warmers and hydronic radiator towel warmers. Electrical models seem to be most popular styles, and can be plugged directly into any electrical outlet. With hydronic towel warmers, the actual warmer runs off the main hot water system, and requires a circulating pump in order to pump the hot water through the towel rails.

Either model of towel warmers are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, to match the decor of any bathroom. By adding a towel warmer to your bathroom, you can achieve a hint of elegance, or even sophistication.

Health Benefits of Towel Warmers

By adding a towel warmer to your bathroom, you are not only adding to the decor, you will also be making your bathroom a healthier place to be. Both electric and hydronic radiator towel heaters can actually help prevent the constant flow of unseen dust particles in the air. This is because they are not forced air units. Towel warmers can help improve the quality of air in your bathroom, especially for those who suffer from dust allergies or asthma.

A heated towel rack can improve your health by eliminating many things from your bathroom. Since dust mites, mold, and mildew thrive from excessive moisture, especially if your bathroom does not have proper ventilation. A towel warmer can help eliminate the moisture from the room, thus making the air much healthier to breath, and prevent the spreading of many types of germs.

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Hydronic towel warmers

Hydronic towel warmers are connected to the hot water supply in your home and have a re-circulating pump to circulate the hot water through your towel warmer. Hydronic towel warmers are one type of towel warmer that is available. Hydronic towel warmers are connected to the hot water supply in your home and have a re-circulating pump to circulate the hot water through your towel warmer. A hydronic towel warmer can also be used to heat the room, usually a bathroom or laundry room.

Towel warmers add that extra touch of luxury to your home and bathroom. They provide you with warm towels when you get out of the bath or shower and step into a much cooler-feeling bathroom. Towel warmers can also be used to dry delicate clothing, such as sweaters, or warm clothing, like blankets for the baby.

No more mildew-ridden towels or clothingyou can dry your pool towel and swimming suits on the towel warmer to keep them dry and mildew free. No more bunched up wet towels on the bathroom flooryour hydronic towel warmer will keep them dry, fresh and fluffy.

Hydronic towel warmers are in some ways less expensive to use than electric towel warmers. As they use recycled hot water, they heat up in less than a half an hour and filter the water back through. The warm water heats the coils of the towel warmer evenly every time. With electric towel warmers, which are heated electrical coils, there is the possibility of an electric coil being faulty eventually, where as with a hydronic towel warmer, they are consistently warmed throughout with hot water.

Whether you choose a hydronic or electric towel warmer, you can feel at rest knowing they are energy efficient and wont raise your electricity bills through the roof. Hydronic towel warmers use less energy to heat the water, just as the water tank does for your taps hot water.

You can use a hydronic towel warmer to heat the room as well, by placing the warmer on its highest setting. The lower setting is used to warm towels. Imagine, never stepping into a cool room after a shower again.

Hydronic towel warmers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. This luxury is as affordable, or as expensive. Luxuriously warm towelsan affordable comfort for your home.

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Installing a Towel Warmer

From simple free-standing, plug in towel warmers to elaborate wall-mounted, gas heated units; installation of these luxurious bathroom or spa shed accessories varies.

Below are installation procedures for a few of the most common types of warmers.
* Free-standing electric warmers these are simplest to install. Plug the unit into the closest grounded outlet near the shower door or curtain.
* Door hanging electric warmers these are pretty simple as well. Pop out the top hinge pin of your bathroom door, insert the bracket and replace the pin. Plug into a grounded outlet nearest the door when the door is open.
* Wall mounted electric warmers find a spot on your wall youd like a warmer installed and screw it in. These types of warmers typically take less than 30 minutes to install. Make sure you plug a wall mounted towel warmer into a grounded outlet.
* Water heated warmers these will require access to the hot water pipes but should not be in the same water flow line as the shower or bath, since warmers take up to 30 minutes to heat. These are easiest to install during original construction or remodeling of your bathroom, since necessary pipes will be exposed during construction. Attach warmer to hot water plumbing using valve included with warmer. Mount warmer to wall.
* Hard wired warmers these are wired directly into your electrical system and are a more complex than plug-in and water heated warmers. If you arent familiar with electrical work, you may want to consider hiring an electrician. The chosen circuit used for your towel warmer should be protected by a circuit breaker. Run positive, negative and ground wires from your warmer to the circuit box, choosing an unused breaker.

Whichever type of towel warmer you choose, you should install it where there is no risk of submersion. Most towel warmers, regardless of installation and heating process, are only approved for occasional splashes.

Timers are often included on towel warmers to cut down on how much energy is used to heat towels or clothing. There are usually not additional installation procedures of timers.

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