Croscill Matador Bedding. Matador Bedding Collection

Divine Design With Matador Bedding By Croscill Bedding!

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, and a wonderful way to add elegance to it is with Matador Bedding by Croscill Bedding. Soothing yet elegant, rich and luxurious, Matador Bedding is a designer’s dream come true. This pattern will fit with many different room designs.

Croscill Home Matador Pole Top Drapery, Beige

Matador Bedding is a beautiful patchwork design featuring several motifs, including scrollwork and damask. This gives it a rich look, with an almost Spanish flair. It is a tasteful mix of beige and gold tones, giving it a tastefully luxurious appearance. In addition to the normal comforter set with bed skirt, Croscill Matador Bedding also has matching throw pillows and window treatments to tie a room together.

For the traditional designer, Matador Bedding will work well in a classically styled room full of rich champagne and soft gold colors. Softly colored walls give bedrooms a soothing, safe feeling. A dark yet vibrant yellow will bring out the color in the bedspread. Combined with a light beige carpeting and some area rugs with darker highlights, this will turn any bedroom into an oasis. For this classical style, iron scrollwork furnishings and decorations will match the design of the fabric. Furniture made of dark hardwood with smooth, clean lines will also fit well. This is also a great choice for a more exotic traditional flavor. The beige tones are stunning with rich shades of burgundy and blue, and the pattern is elaborate without being overwhelming amongst other textures and patterns.

Croscill Matador Bedding is versatile enough to be used in a more modern bedroom as well. Current designs are trending towards bright and vibrant wall colors, patterns and textures in unexpected places, and sleek furniture that is either painted or made of plastics or metals. Although Matador Bedding has a traditional look, it can be used to tie these elements together. Its neutral beige tones will work with nearly any wall color, from the brightest yellow to the darkest green. Additionally, its subtle patchwork pattern can be used with a variety of textured walls and hangings without becoming overwhelming.

Matador Bedding by Croscill Bedding is a traditionally styled yet modern design that works well in any home. With a variety of accessories and matching treatments, it can be used in countless ways to create the perfect bedroom. Whether you are looking for classical elegance or a unique contemporary statement, Croscill Matador Bedding is the ideal bed set for the discerning decorator.


Caribou Bedding by Croscill Bedding. Caribou Bedding Collection.

When a person is looking for new sheets and comforters for their bed they can be facing a huge challenge. That challenge is coming because of all the different brands that are available to choose from. However, if a person knows about the wonderful Caribou bedding by Croscill Bedding they will see just why they want to purchase these items. Then they will not have to worry about searching day and night for the perfect item for their bed anymore.

Croscill Caribou Comforter Set, Queen, Multicolor

One reason to purchase Croscill Caribou Bedding is that the brand is a good one. Since the brand is going to be a good one, a person will notice that they are going to be able to talk to others about the items they have and not be embarrassed about the brand that they have.

Another reason to purchase Croscill Bedding is that the quality is going to be very good. Since the quality is good you will see that it is going to be possible to purchase just one or two sets of these and not have to worry about purchasing a new one because it wears out. So this is going to be a wonderful benefit that you can find and not have to worry about replacing for a long time.

Something else that a person should consider is that this is going to allow them to have a selection of the item that they want to have. Since a person will find a wide selection is available they will be able to find the perfect pattern or design to match their room.

Being able to find the best items for your bed can be a huge challenge for a wide variety of reasons. However, once a person knows about Caribou bedding by Croscill bedding they will see that this could be the best option for them. Then they will not have to worry about spending hundreds of hours trying to find the perfect items to use on their bed.

Croscill Caribou Bedding ensembles include comforters, accent pillows, bedskirts, curtains & draperies. Most available in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King sizes.


Croscill Palm Beach Bedding Collection. Palm Beach Bedding.

Create Your Island Paradise With Croscill Palm Beach Bedding.

Create a personal island getaway in your own bedroom. The Croscill Palm Beach bedding collection is a vibrantly colored ensemble in a tropical print. Impeccable color choice causes personality to explode from this lively collection. Yet it manages to produce a soothing aura with the simple motif of tropical leaves and classic stripes. The Croscill name carries a promise of quality and value.

The bold red backdrop of the comforter is accented with soft colors. These include an eye-pleasing watercolor green and tan highlighted with just a hint of gold. The green and tan are in the design of large tropical banana style leaves. The bedskirt and standard pillow shams feature a classic stripe pattern of deep red, tan, soft green, gold, and a crisp cream color.

Southwest Turquoise Tan Red Native American KING Comforter Set (8 Piece Bed In A Bag)

The basic comforter set is available is sizes to fit full, queen, king, and California king mattresses. The set includes the comforter, two pillow shams, and a bedskirt. Complete the bedding with everyday sheet sets from Croscill. The one hundred percent Egyptian cotton sets are available in 300 thread count or luxurious 650 thread count. Colors coordinate perfectly with the Palm Beach collection.

Additional pillow options are available to personalize the look. A perfect focal point is the boudoir pillow; A large rectangular pillow featuring the stripe pattern of the bedskirt, it is playfully adorned with tassel edging. The standard square pillow is 18 x 18 inches. The pattern of this pillow mirrors the banana leaf motif of the comforter. To bring a nautical feel to the ensemble, opt for the fashion pillow, a cream colored 18 x 18 inch square. It has a colorful center stripe with rope woven through metal grommets of the center. European shams are oversized and printed with the bold striped pattern, finished nicely with decorative piping.

Extend the look to the windows with dramatic options. Classic drapes are available in 84-inch long panels. The ascot valance comes in a 40 inch width.

Tie backs are included with the draperies.

The Croscill Palm Beach collection is a unique opportunity to escape to a lush tropical getaway, simply by entering your bedroom. The Croscill Company has remained a leader in bedding ensembles since their beginnings in 1946. With an unyielding commitment to style and quality, they believe that the strength of their brand is in the details. That certainly applies to the Palm Beach Collection. From details such as the sturdy high quality fabric of the comforter, to the playful tassels of the specially designed boudoir pillow, the Palm Beach collection is stylish bedroom decor at its best.


Scarlet Bedding Collection. Croscill Scarlet Bedding.

Decorating and furnishing your home is an extremely personal act and this is obviously why all homes have their own distinctive look and feel. However, there are a number of items that many home owners love, and you can find them in properties across the globe. When you are decorating your property there are many decisions that you are required to make. These decisions will affect the final look that each room has so it is important to take your time when doing so. The bedrooms are clearly the rooms in which you and your family will spend the most time so it is absolutely essential that you get these rooms perfect. The bedding choices that you make will have a large bearing on how the room feels so picking the right brand and style is very important.


There are many manufacturers available on today’s market that produces a wide array of different bedding options. Obviously, the style and the price of them can vary quite substantially so it is important to shop around as much as you can before you make your choice. Croscill are one of the most impressive and popular makers of bed linen options in the United States. They have an eclectic range of products that allows them to cater to a very broad spectrum of taste and budget. The Croscill scarlet bedding range is undoubtedly their most popular selection of bedding. You will be able to find items within this range from forty Dollars upwards so there should be something for everyone no matter what you budget or tastes are.

There are a number of locations that you can buy the scarlet bedding collection from. A plethora of well-known high street stores stock this popular range of bed coverings and their prices are generally pretty competitive. However, the best place to obtain the best selection of Croscill products for the lowest prices is the internet. The web providers are able to offer lower rates as their overheads are lower and they tend to order in larger amounts. These factors allow them to pass on a higher amount of discount to you.


Bremen Bedding by Croscill Bedding. Croscill Bremen Bedding Collection.

The Croscill Company has a reputation of creating high quality bedding and accessories in a variety of styles and colors. The Bremen Collection is a perfect example of this. The Bremen Bedding by Croscill Bedding is a combination of contemporary style and traditional comfort.


This matching collection has subdued stripes of rose pink, orange, purple and taupe. These stripes are stitched with gold embroidery. To make this pattern standout the solid colors are combined with a paisley motif in coordinating colors. The overall look of this ensemble is bold and modern.

This bed linen collection comes as a set. It includes all the essentials to give a bedroom a luxurious look. The bag sets are available in King and Queen Sizes. This eight piece ensemble has everything needed to make a bed an inviting place to rest.

Croscill Bremen Bed Set includes a coordinated bed skirt and comforter. The bag set also comes with two standard pillow shams and two European pillow shams. To complete the look the set also includes two decorative pillows.

The Bremen Bedding Bed Skirt is a rich burgundy which complements the bold stripes of the comforter. The pillow shams are made with the same pattern as the comforter. The decorative pillows accent the rest of the collection and are in burgundy and stripes.

Croscill Bremen Collection also has matching window treatments that coordinate well with the set. Valances and draperies are available in the same colors and designs as the Bremen collection. The coordinating window treatments gives a bedroom a stylish cohesive ambiance.

The Bremen Bedding by Croscill Bedding is the perfect collection to transform a plain bedroom into a relaxing retreat. This bed in a bag set contains everything needed to turn a bed into the focal point of the bedroom. This set will turn any bedroom into a contemporary stylish living space.


Kensington Bedding By Croscill Bedding. Kensington Bedding Collection

Choose Beautiful Kensington Bedding By Croscill Bedding!

Croscill Bedding Ensembles.  After you have experienced Croscill Bedding, you will be looking for bedroom décor to match your bed set.  Croscill Bedding delivers a rich set of bedding ensembles, from the traditional ambiance of the Galleria collection to the stunning floral beauty of the Hibiscus; Croscill has bedding designs that will give your room character like no other bedding can.  With such a wide variety to choose from, it will be easy to choose one collection that suits your fancy.  Here is a taste of one of the many collections this genius of bedding company has to offer.


1154533_fpxKensington Bedding by Croscill Bedding is a warm yet traditional bedding collection that is sure to bring a mix of luxury and comfort to your bedroom.  The Croscill Kensigton Bedding ensemble features a stripped pattern of pink, olive green, and ivory overlaid with damask medallion in shades of silver.   Once you have seen the collection up close, there is no way you are going to walk out of that shop without it.  The set has everything you need to bring an inviting traditional ambiance to your bedroom.   The Kensington Collection pulls of the traditional look without adding a pretentious chill to a room.  A perfect balance of warmth and beauty, Kensington Bedding will make you think it is all you need to complete your room.

The bed in a bag sets of the Kensington Ensemble is available in King and Queen Sizes.  The bed in a bag sets includes one comforter, a set of two European pillow shams, two regular pillow shams, a bed skirt, and matching decorative pillows.  Add to the ensemble with bed sheets of one hundred percent Egyptian cotton.  You can choose to complete the collection with valances and window treatments with matching fabrics and designs.


Fiji Bedding By Croscill Bedding. Fiji Bedding Collection

Croscill bedding offers many varieties of bedding choices. However, when you choose to use the Fiji line of coordinated bedding it will make you feel as if you were on your own private island. Fiji Bedding by Croscill Bedding will turn your bedroom into a tropical paradise. With images of exotic palm trees and sandy beaches, you will feel relaxed and wake up refreshed. The beautiful green palm trees are embroidered onto a nice soft ivory background, which highlights the taupe and oatmeal colored shaded border. A beautiful stripe also enhances the pillowcase with a vertical border and an array of gorgeous palm trees grouped together. Fiji Bedding comforter sets and comforters are available in California King, King, Queen, and full sizes.

Tribeca Living 300 Thread Count Fiji Paisley Printed Egyptian Cotton Deep Pocket Sheet Set, Queen, Multicolor

Also included with the comforter is a bed skirt with matching print, and two pillow shams. Sheet sets may also be purchased separately and come in California king, King, Queen and full sizes, included in this set is two pillowcases, a fitted sheet and a flat sheet. You may also purchase decorative pillows and pillow shams that coordinate with the comforter’s pattern. Boudoir pillows, square decorator pillows and fashion pillows can also be purchased. To make you feel like you are really in a tropical paradise, finish off the exotic look by using the Croscill Fiji Bedding, window treatments that coordinate with the bedding. Tailored valances and drapery pairs, which are lined are also available in different fabrics and matching designs.

Croscill bedding is a very popular interior design company that began its business in 1946. They began making window treatments and window furnishings. After many successful years in the window business, around the 1960’s they began to market bedding by embellishing plain comforters and making them into attractive additions for the bedroom. Croscill was one of the first companies to offer coordinated lamps, lampshades, table rounds, wallpaper, wall border, and comforters, pillows, and sheets sets. In 2008, Patriarch Partners purchased the Croscill Company owned by the Kahn family. Now the Croscill brand name is known for quality and outstanding value.


Floral Garden Bedding By Croscill Bedding. Floral Garden Bedding Collection.

When it comes to choosing the perfect bedding, Croscill leads the list. They have an amazing selection of beautiful bedding options to choose from and are known for their high-quality and well crafted bedding items. Croscill offers Floral Garden Bedding in a variety of styles, colors and sizes, so finding the perfect complement to your décor will never be difficult.

DaDa Bedding DXJ100422 Floral Garden Cotton Patchwork 5-Piece Quilt Set, Queen/Full

The Floral Garden Bedding by Croscill bedding provides an elegant and beautiful touch to any bedroom décor. Floral Garden Bedding is often a very popular option for guest rooms, master bedrooms or anywhere a homeowner wants to bring in a sense of nature and the lovely touch of flowers and blooms. With their subtle colorings and amazing detail Croscill Floral Garden bedding will delight even the most selective tastes.

A bed covered with floral garden bedding by Croscill bedding a pleasure that will provide not only a beautiful setting but also a comfortable, restful night’s sleep. This quality bedding is created to provide a coordinated and stylish look as well as comfort.

Croscill Bedding is available at most major home stores as well as local retailers specializing in bedding essentials. Croscill Bedding is also available on the internet and can often be found through online merchants who are offering incredible savings over traditional brick and mortar stores.

Shopping online can provide a number of advantages, including saving you time and money, but it is important to ensure that you are purchasing from a reputable retailer and that you have read and understand their return policy, refund policy and shipping charges. While online retailers can oftentimes offer fantastic savings, shipping charges need to be considered as part of the overall price of your bedding.

Wherever you choose to purchase your Floral Garden Bedding, you will certainly be pleased with the relaxing and beautiful touch it adds to any bedroom décor.


Jacqueline Bedding By Croscill Bedding. Jacqueline Bedding Collection

The Choise For Luxurious Comfort – Croscill Jacqueline Bedding Collection!

Anyone looking for a bedroom ensemble that is beautiful yet comfortable will discover that Jacqueline Bedding by Croscill Bedding is the answer. The bedroom should be a place of quiet and peace at the end of a long workday. Luxurious bedding can turn any bedroom into a lush sanctuary. Croscill Jacqueline Bedding combines luxury with classic elements such as florals and stripes. The design features a chocolate background with lush florals with a look that is both coordinated and sophisticated.

DENY Designs Jacqueline Maldonado Rapt Throw Pillow, 18 x 18

The variety of colors in Jacqueline Bedding Collection means that it is easy to find sheets and pillowcases that will complement the bedding set. This allows for the creation of fresh looks each time the linens are changed. Whether pastel or deep rich colored sheets and pillowcases are used, the result will be stunning.

Croscill Jacqueline Bedding is constructed from one hundred percent polyester, which means that it will retain a fresh look for many years to come. Dry cleaning is recommended to keep this bedding looking great. The set includes a comforter, pillow shams and a bed skirt. This bedding set can be purchased in either a king or a queen size. Additionally, matching window treatments are sold separately and may be purchased to round out the look of these lovely linens. Decorative pillows are also available that will give any bedroom a plush look. Choose a boudoir pillow, a square pillow or several of both styles. Window treatments include swag valances or draperies.

The Croscill Company has long been a provider of upscale luxury linens at affordable prices. Other home fashions offered by the company include sheer curtains and rugs that can be coordinated with ensembles such as Croscill Jacqueline Bedding Set.

For those who want to continue a coordinated look throughout a master suite bathroom, there are bath rugs and other items that will fit nicely with the Jacqueline Bedding Design. When pieces from the Croscill Jacqueline linens are used, any bedroom can look like it was put together by an interior design professional.

Croscill Jacqueline comforters and ensembles are available wherever fine bed linens are sold including department stores, various specialty retailers and through online bedding and linen companies.


Landmark Bedding By Croscill Bedding. Landmark Bedding Collection

Croscill Landmark Bedding Collection – To Add Glory To Your Bedroom!

When it comes to elegant and stunning bedding ensembles, Croscill Bedding has been a reliable name for years. Croscill Bedding Collections come in a variety of bedding ensembles including Europa, Botticelli and Landmark Bedding Collection. The last of these, Landmark Bedding, has proved particularly popular with people who look for a nice and seamless mix of modern and traditional designs. Landmark Bedding by Croscill Bedding itself also features a variety of themes including striped damask medallions, floral vines and else. Any of these ensembles is a perfect recipe for that unique and elegant look to your bedroom décor.


Croscill Landmark Bedding Collections include different comforter sets. These comforter sets typically consist of a comforter, a matching bed-skirt and two pillow shams. The three most popular Landmark comforter sets are Landmark Queen Comforter Set, Landmark King Comforter Set and Landmark California King Comforter Set. The queen set comes with a 92-96” comforter, two shams of 20-26” and a bed-skirt of 60-80.” In the King set, you will find a 110-96” comforter, a 78-80” matching bed-skirt and two standard pillow shams of 20-36.” As for the California King set, the comforter and pillow sham sizes are identical to those of King collection whereas the bed-skirt is 72” wide by 84” long. Every material of these sets is prepared of 100% Polyester and should always be dried clean.

As to the prices, the Queen set at medium price comes significantly cheaper than the other two sets, both at high price. The prices are high by any standards, but the quality and elegance the Landmark Bedding Sets ensure will be worth the money. Many local and online retailers offer interest-free installment plans for Croscill Landmark Bedding purchases, especially if the plan is limited to six months or less.

Landmark Bedding by Croscill Bedding thus offers a peerless set of collections that will add glory and prestige to your bedroom. To enhance the look created by Landmark Bedding, you should also look to employ the right window and curtain treatments. Your room will look so much greater if the valances and the drapery panels themes perfectly coordinate with the feel and mood created by your Landmark Bedding Set.