Princess and the Frog Bedding

The Princess and the Frog is an American animated movie inspired by the Grimm brothers’ story book, The Frog Prince. This movie was released last November 25, 2009 and the movie yielded positive results, especially on kids. Along with its rising popularity, several items and collectible merchandise was released in the market. One example is the Princess and the Frog bedding for little girls.

4pc Disney Princess and the Frog Full Bed Sheet Set Southern Butterfly Bedding Accessories

The Princess and Frog bedding makes an excellent kids bedroom decoration. It does not only serve for the room’s aesthetic purposes, but it also allows your kid to have a better sleep every night. This bedding has various styles and designs intended for girls. The colors of the beddings are very cool to look at, which is very ideal for producing a relaxing effect on little girls. The colors include violet, green, pink, blue and yellow.

This bedding, because of its design and colors, portrays the image of a sweet and lovely girl just like the main character in the story, Tiana. Tiana is actually a nineteen year-old lady who dreams of having her own restaurant. She was mistaken by the frog prince as a princess, thus, she was turned into a frog herself when she kissed the cursed prince. If you will look into some samples of Princess and the Frog beddings in the Internet, you will find that this is the perfect bedding for your little girl. You will surely want to get one of these for your daughter.

Truly, there can be no other princess in your life than your daughter. Thus, treat her just like a real royalty. Show to her how you really love and care for her by getting your child her favorite Princess and the Frog bedding.